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Intro to Email - AARP

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[RealPad] [Real Possibilities AARP] [Intro to Email] [Real Possibilities AARP] >> In this lesson, you'll learn how to set up an email address and send an email on your AARP RealPad Android tablet. In order to access email, the RealPad tablet will need to be online. If you haven't connected the RealPad to the Internet, we recommend watching the Connecting my Wifi video. The RealPad provides two options for setting up email. If you already have an existing email address, you can connect it to the RealPad. On the RealPad, you can also create a Gmail address. Gmail is Google's email service. Keep in mind, you can also sign up for email from other email services such as Yahoo and Hotmail. To send and receive emails using Gmail, you will need a Google account. A Google account allows you to download apps, movies, music, and books from Play Store, back up your tablet, chat with people using Hangouts, send and receive emails through Gmail, and much more. By signing up for a Google account, you'll be given a free Gmail address. First, let's learn how to set up a Google account. To create a Google account, tap the RealPad toolbar icon on the left side of the navigation bar. Tap the Settings folder. Tap Google Account Settings. Tap New. Then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account. Note that you can skip certain steps including the step to enter a credit card. This simply allows you to download apps that cost money to your RealPad. You won't be charged unless you choose to download such an app. Just tap Skip if you are not comfortable with this step. After setting up your account, tap the Home icon to return to the home screen. To access your Gmail account, open the Google folder by tapping it. Then tap Gmail. If you'd like to add an existing email account that isn't Gmail, tap Email. Enter your email address and password. Tap to check and uncheck your account option preferences. Enter your name in the bottom line. Then tap next. You will be taken to your inbox. You can now send and receive emails using the RealPad. To compose an email, tap the envelope symbol. Enter the email address of the person you would like to email. Tap Subject. Enter the subject of the email. Tap Compose email. Enter the message you would like to send. Tap Send. Follow the same steps to compose an email using Gmail. Enjoy using email on your RealPad. [RealPad] [Real Possibilities AARP]

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Learn how to set up your email address and send an email

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