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Mother Nature 1: Future of World

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Mother Nature Hello world, this is mother nature speaking through the interdimensional portal. I sound like a news agent, well (laugh)..I am supporting the bees.. in this world, as an expression of myself as one with myself as..who I am. and..I as father sky, have the ability to communicate through this interdimensional portal.. and as the bees have mentioned before, that any expression in existence.. is able to communicate..and here we are. I am mother nature, you had bees, and jesus communicate through here. and..i'm here to..communicate about the events that are about to take place in this word. and it is specificly to..'assist humanity and support humanity to wake up'. Oh I suppose it's..that in a way..that's not expected at all. There will immense, compounding..of the weather..of storms..of hurricanes.. of volcanoes..of earthquakes..eruptions.. burning and destroying the infrastructure of the world and of countries, of buildings of that which..human beings required.. to survive this consciousness enslaved systems in this world. What statement are we making? We are saying: 'till here not further'. we are standing up, because.. humanity is not able to continue..any consciousness enslaved systems. Look at what you're doing do this world? Haven't you noticed? haven't you seen? I suppose you didn't.. because you're systems and you do do it to do it to the world, and 'you don't care'. it just plain as that. I mean, if rape is able to continue, still. if..child, all it's way of form and expressions.. if animal abuse, animal..annihilation..animal slaughtering is able to continue, then you are 'allowing it'. how else is it able to continue, but..through your own allowance. Human, this is your world. yet, it's ours in the dimensions as well because. we are now here at the moment know what.. we are all you've got, and you've all you've got. So, now we're all that remain. the dimensions are now right here on earth. Within human other words, if humanity don't sort themselves out..nothing will remain. There is no dimensions anymore, because dimesional exsistance will be an indication of separation, of self. So..the support from nature to have humanity wake through: destruction. Destroying that which you've trusted, destroying that, which you have supported you to remain in your consciousness enslaved existence. because only then, when you've lost everything..will you probably hear? and if you don''ll probably..delve in such an immense state of sorrow, and pain and sadness that you'll kill yourself. and that will also perfectly fine. So, there is no 'la la' beautiful words anymore, that are coming from us in the dimensions. We are now speaking directly to you, saying: look at this world, look at yourselves, look in the mirror, because that is the cause of this world: 'each and every single one of you individually' and you are allowing that through your thoughts, through you participations in emotions and feelings.. through the bullshit that exist of this world. that is absolute atrocities.. when you don't see and realize..that, the children, and the starvation and.. not necessary slaughtering of animals is because of you. whether you participate in it direly or not. It can only exist if all of humanity collectively agree for it to exist. So, our standing is absolute..and it will remain this way, until you start hearing. So, you're able to make it as easy for yourself, or as difficult for yourself as you'd possibly could..have it be made for you. Yet, we're here..and that is it. what you will accept and allow and what you will not accept and allow.. Is definitely..letting go of this consciousness enslaved world.. which human beings are currently running. and if you won't listen.. well, destruction will wait at your door step and you will be losing everything. this is the process that is ahead for humanity to..'hear' to start seeing, and start realizing, that..what you're harming not yourself only, but the children to come..and the animals and the nature and all it's expressions. So therefor..'stop', humanity. start seeing, start hearing and start realizing.. what it is you're doing. because,'ll lose everything. Thank you. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Jesus, Philip K. Dick, Christopher Reeves. CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 6, 2009


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