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THESE THEMS: Queer Webseries IndieGoGo Video

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(demonic voice sounds) Oh my god Hey! We are THESE THEMS I'm Gretchen -- I'm Esco I'm Kevin -- I'm Sawer So, THESE THEMS follows us It's a web series! We are four Queer people in the community a newly-out maybe lesbian a non-binary character a Trans man - and a really gay guy Hey! I'm Gretchen Wylder I am the creator and writer of THESE THEMS The reason I wanted to write this show is because nothing like it exists. Queer audiences can appreciate it because They're seeing themselves represented. Sometimes for the first time - especially in a funny way. Also, I wanted to make it for straight audiences So they can see characters That they can empathize with And really relate to if they don't happen to know a Trans person Or they don't happen to know someone who's non-binary I play Gretchen, who befriends Vero, who is Non-Binary (off-camera:) The lighting really lights you up Lights my black ass up I am Esco Jouley I will be playing the role of Vero Doing this project is important to me because it's how I identify as a person. And so other people know - I can be who I am. I can be accepted. It's also important to me for other people to see themselves represented on TV. I mean, who do you see? Me now. We have Ford. I'm Sawyer DeVuyst, I will be playing Ford. He's a Transgender man who is stealth Which means that nobody knows that he's Trans. So, this project looked so appealing to me because it was a comedy and every role that I go out for is either a drama or there's some sort of transition related storyline or Trans people are made out to be victims. And everything is just glum. And if I didn't have comedy in my life then I wouldn't be alive right now. We have Kevin, who is gay. (off camera) Wanna hold a crystal? Do I?! Does it sparkle though? Hi, I'm Kevin Zak. I play Kevin. A gay man in his early to mid late twenties. I'm doing this project because I think Giving a voice to all types of people is a good thing. And visibility matters. This afro is gonna teach this redhead a whole bunch of things about the real world. "Is that where you keep your secrets?" That's where I keep my secrets and my weapons. And also little babies. King cake! Hi I'm Tobly McSmith and I am a Trans man. I'm the director of ... theys/thems? THESE THEMS! These Thems. I'm so excited about this because when I read the script, I saw my friends in it. and I saw myself in it. And it was funny and touching. I think that more people need to see the Queer community like this. Just kind of living. Your generous support for this campaign will help us pay for an eight episode webseries available for everybody, for free, on the inter webs. It will help us pay for - production, location, paying the actors, the crew, equiptment! Botox? Yep botox. Shoes! Crafty. Cats! (dildos) A lot of our perks are donated by people in the community who will also be appearing on the show! Drag king classes, art that has been donated a one on one burlesque class a blind date with me and with Sawyer! Theatre tickets to "Friends the Musical" and the Neo-Futurists 1 - 2 - 3 -- THANK YOU!!!! Can "it" ask for money? - Yeah. (in demonic voice:) "Give us money!"

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Posted by: gretchenwylder on Mar 18, 2018

Hi! We are THESE THEMS! Learn more about our IndieGoGo campaign to fund our first season at:

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