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Interview: Jacque Fresco on The Montage Radio Show (1974)

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...and the last, that is most people laughing at the person with a new way of doing something. So, many of the great advancements of our civilization have been brought about by those persons strong enough and brave enough to withstand laughter, ridicule and embarrassment for their ideas. Public affairs director, Joe Agrol (?) who has met a man whose ideas may seem far out. But, it seems to us, it is worth hearing, particularly in the midst of an energy crisis many experts said could never happen. - You know, this time of rapid change, I think we are all a little awed by what is happening. Tonight on Montage, we have a guest that is an unusual person in that he deals in the future. Some of his ideas, while they may sound kooky, perhaps ten or fifteen years from now, may be the present. His name is Jacque Fresco, he is the president of Sociocyberneering Incorporated in Miami, and I think a few years ago we might have thought you were a little kooky. We are going to show some pictures that you have here, some ideas you have for the future, but i think at a time when we are talking about going back for windmills for energy, it doesn't really look so weird. - First of all, tell us, what is Sociocyberneering Incorporated? - The Sociocyberneering is an organization that is non political, non sectarian, and is a membership organization. We dedicated to finding solutions to the very many problems that face our society today, and our solutions must be practical, and must be rapidly applied. Such as: cleaning up the smog, cleaning up the waters, diminishing crime for new education techniques. In other words, at present we are engaged in developing a land area, and building an experimental community. In that community are publications and films, which we also work on. And the function and purpose of the organization is to use technology to enhance the lives of men. In other words, a lot of people are angry at technology, it isn't technology that has hurt the environment, it's the abuse of technology. With a hammer you can put up a building, or you can destroy something. - We going to look at some pictures in just a moment, that i'm sure that most people will say, well that is really so far out, that is not even realistic. - This picture is a drawing or rendering of a plant that uses thermal energy. In other words, beneath the crust of the earth, we have approximately 20 million years of power. If we use that kind of energy, it will mean it would cost you about 30 dollars a year to run your whole house electrically. - What kind of energy you are talking about? - Thermal power, volcanic. There is lava under the ground, there are areas of water that are heated. We tap that, just as oil wells tap the deeper layers of earth, we run it through steam turbines that generate all the power, no oil spills, no pollution, no delivery trucks on highways with fuel or oil. - Okay, that sounds reasonable, but why hasn't that been done? - Well, those people that run our government are businessman or lawyers, we call them cerebral insufficients. If you think in terms of government, these men are abominably stupid, and i'm talking about all forms of government, communism, socialism, all the free enterprises. This system is on it's way out. You are living in a last stages of the free enterprise system. England will fold up, France will fold up, and the people of England will probably migrate to Australia and the United States. Keep this in mind, i can't make it happen. This is probability studies. Another very interesting thing, i think that the question you asked, perhaps about, was it thermal energy? Yes. Particularly you want to know something? Why don't we use it? In Iceland they have been using for over 20 years. They tapped the natural steam, which comes up from deep layers of the earth, and they grow bananas on Iceland, pineapples, oranges, all kinds of tropical fruits, and they heat all the cities by natural volcanic steam. They have no word for war, they have no scarcity managing, they have no fuels, no diesel oil problems, no fuel problems at all, because the people of Iceland made that move a long time ago. We are technologically dragging. And we think that America, it is possible to change the surface of America in just a few years. - Let's put on some more pictures you have here of the future, what is this? - This is a picture of the transportation units. These are electrically or electro-dynamically propelled linear acceleration transportation system. The trains will cross America with speeds up to 2000 miles per hour. There will be no rails, the trains are electromagnetically suspended, and when passengers get off, we just lift off the section in which the passengers they wish to depart the train are on. And those that are getting on are lowered onto the moving train, it is moving at 100 miles per hour, while we lift off sections or lower sections on. There are libraries, grand salons on the train, there is no fare, no money. Money will be phased out. - In other words you're saying rapid transit system should be nation wide, instead of city wide, county wide? - Of course, these are all blunders. We don't have any intelligence in government at all. I give you an example, we designed a six lane bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, then we have 23 lanes leading inward. How do you get on? How do you get off? - I face that every morning... - Not only you, the people that run the cities just don't know how to handle it. When I use to say this, if I were running for governor of this state, you put up $20, 000 and to help me get in, I have got to take care of your accounting(?) company when I get in. - Are you running for governor? - There is no way I would deal with politics, no way. That politics are certainly utterly corrupt, it has to be. By the nature of vested interest, by the nature of making deals, you help me with my bill, we go to Tallahassee (?) and have a few tequilas - Let's look at the future. What is this? - That is a tower, similar to a wind tunnel. What we do is drag the filthy air of the Los Angeles area down through it, use the Quortal (?) process, electrostatic precipitators, precipitate the dust out of the air, and then use low temperature cryonics in the lower section, freeze all the poison gases out of the air, and this is what America ought to be doing now. - These processes you are describing, are they real process that are practical to do today, or are you dreaming of something? Quortal(?) process is about 75 years old, the Peltier Effect of thermal electricity is 80 years old. Alexander Graham Bell, in 1919, built a hydrofoil that travels 71 miles an hour in the Hudson River. It took the navy 55 years to say hey that is a good idea. - Let's take a look at the next pictures. What is this? - This is what we call cyclic or cyclical agriculture. Instead of dumping the hot water into the bay from the nuclear power plants, which is a typical pinhead solution, we build these greenhouses in circles and we use that hot water that heat the city of Miami, so that we don't have to waste all that gas, and have all these spills because of this kind of stupidity. By using circular agriculture, enclosing your oranges, then you don't have the frost problem. You always read 2 or 5 million dollars worth of oranges lost due to frost. If America was going to be in business for ten years, okay. We intend to be here a long time, so let's smarten up and use modern technology, and build an agriculture worthy of the continental United States. - In other words, you are talking about using the hot water, - The hot water. There is no waste of product. - and use it instead of trying to get rid of it Why? That is what i'm trying to say, that people are trying to say something, we must try to understand them, we must try to get to the grammar of motives. Other nations are trying to tell us they live in scarcity, they have problems. If you don't end scarcity, there will be war. It is scarcity (not love, warmth, understanding) and resources that generate problems. - Well, Jacque, you are a very persuasive advocate of what you say, I recall when I was a little boy, I used to read Buck Rogers, we all thought that was quite amusing and of course, at this very moment Skylab is orbiting the earth, and we have been on the moon two or three times. I recall five years ago people saying we would never run out of gas, and to think that you couldn't buy gas any place in America was laughable, because this was the auto culture, and of course now we know that is not true either. I think what you said tonight has great impact, and should be listened to with some care. Montage will be back in just a moment.

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A short excerpt from Jacque's visit with the "Montage" Radio Show - Jan. 26, 1974

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