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Domestic Migrant Worker Food Challenge HK

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Domestic Workers in Hong Kong get paid HK$3,580 per month ... That's US$459..... ...or GBP 279..... ... they cook and clean.... ...and they look after your children ... yet you pay them so little.... ... but worst of all they get HK$300-US$39-GBP23 for food.... ... per month In a social experiment we find out if this is really enough to live on, given that each meal must be made and eaten within ten minutes.... Participant: Danielle Spencer My name's Danielle Spencer, I'm 26 years old. I've lived in Hong Kong for about 4 years now, and ... And... I've always been at odds with the idea of domestic migrant workers here I come from a working class background. I come from Liverpool, in England and.. The idea of having help seems ... a little Victorian to me. However, I always understood that it was important for the economy And having lived here for 4 years, I understand that people don´t have time. And it does actually, in some cases, help the women coming into Hong Kong, to be able to send their families money They're coming from, often, developing nations - Philippines, for example, Sri Lanka, Indonesia... So... yeah, I've always been at odds, and had an objection, but also been able to overrule myself What do you think of the situation? I was quite shocked when I found out that women were being paid so little. More importantly, that they were given $300 or $500 depending on the situation... per month, to live on, in terms of food.... As an expat, I go out quite a lot, I spend money on food, I go to restaurants, I go around town... and buy food quite alot, but... for instance, I did a shop at ParkNShop, International which is just down the road from where I live, and ... the food maybe lasted for...four days- four or five days...and I spent $350. So... to have less that that for a month, I felt was crazy So... feeling that it was crazy, I decided to DO something that was crazy... I decided to live on $300 a month (for food) and see if I could actually do that and... It's going to be really difficult. I don't know if I'm going to actually be able to do it. How are you planning to eat for the next week? I went to the wet market, and then I went to Wellcome, for the things I couldn't find in the wet market. I have to say that it's really difficult in the wet market, because I know from past experience that being... being white, doesn't often get you the best prices - especially a white person with a video camera who looks like a tourist... so... I think I'm going to find it even more difficult shopping in the wet market. Also language is a barrier. Me.. - I know very little Cantonese. And I'm not even sure how much a catty is... as a weight measurement... so It's going to be difficult If I'm 1) being ripped off and 2) they don't know what I'm asking for But at the same time, you know, this must also happen to the domestic workers, when they actually come in to town You know, they don't know Cantonese or, they might not know how to ask for something, or a weight measurement or.. anything, really.... Another thing that I am worried about is, the option to choose ethical foods, say organic vegetables, or eggs, for instance... I haven't had a non-free range egg since I was a child Here, the free-range eggs are about $40-50 And as my budget per week, is $70, really... I just simply can´t afford that. I´ve bought seven bananas. So that´s breakfast for seven days. That was for $10, which I thought was quite good. So.. yup, that´s $10 right there. OK. So I bought one large tomato One thing of pak choi One unidentified Chinese vegetable... I think it´s a Chinese courgette. I bought that for $9, and that's to go with... the amazing ingredients that I bought - This - pack of noodles, that I bought for $11. There are five packs in here, so that's lunch, or possible lunch, for the next five days. I bought another couple of packs of these as well, in different flavours, because I thought, better safe than sorry... That´s a week´s worth of lunches, right here, for $15 OK. And I bought these instant noodle udons... for...$8.90. And I bought these quick oats. And it´s quite a big tub. Maybe 7 out of 7. So if I keep it.. maybe even more than that. So, this could also be a lunch. And I´ll take this to work, and see how I go with that for lunch. Yeah. Bananas $10 Vegetables $9 5 Pack Dried Noodles $11 2 Pack Dried Noodles $4 Udon Noodles $8.9 Oats $15.8 Total Spent = $58.7 Total Left = $241.3

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Posted by: danielleis on Aug 2, 2009

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