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Geodesign Change Your World 1 - 1 - Course Introduction

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hello I'm kellyanne foster a professor at Penn State and I want to welcome you to design change your world we've been working really hard to put together a very exciting course and I can't wait to get started but before we begin I wanna review a few things with you because this class is maybe a little bit different than a typical loop course you might have taken each week you'll have a new lesson each lesson has several parts there's my name lecture which covers the key topic me to guest lecture to elaborate on the topic interchange Asian cards to come like flash cards I've also curated three case study examples peer review each week is a weekly activity and a reading or two session understanding about all of these things in addition we hope to participate in the discussion forums you final grade in this class is based on how well you do in the quizzes you completion of the final activity which will be assessed and the degree to which you discussion forum post aren't knowledge by a classmate there's no particular order the have to complete these various party tweak however it's probably most helpful to begin by viewing my main lecture video or the school on a quest banning text the case study examples each week changes in cards before looking at the case studies I do want to emphasize though that's simply watching my main lecture video each week a really valuable and will provide you with the richness of understanding about Gu's before the class starts would like you to do work put kinda fun activity unit have you pinpoint your location on a map I've already got a general sense that we've got students from all over the world in world which is really great will be fun to see exactly where you are and who you are on the map you design process is helping to address land use design challenges and have fun exploring

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What happens when creativity and science come together? The power to design our world is unleashed, providing tools to inform choices about how we live! Geodesign is the glue—it’s a process that deploys creativity to connect information to people, using collaboration to better inform how we design our world.

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