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Wanna work together?

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Do you want to work in a team? When you share your creativity... you allow people from anywhere to use it, learn from it... and be inspired by it For example the teacher thats moulds the minds of youngsters with work and knowledge of the world... and the artist, who creates pieces of beauty along the way. and the writer...who's stories use ideas and images... created by people he or she doesnt yet know. These people know what it is to share one's wealth of creativity... you can achieve great things. These people, and millions more across the world are working together to create a beter, richer, more vibrant culture...\ using Creative Commons. To understand Creative Commons... you need to know a bit about how copyright works. Did you know that when you create something..whatever it might be... a photo, a song, a drawing, a film, a story...\ automatically, all the rights of this creativity are your property? it's true! But occasionally complete copyright has restrictions. What happnes when you want those millions and millions of people out there to be able to use your work... without the bother of coming to you to ask your permission? What happens if you want your work to be shared for free... to be reused and used as a basis by the rest of the world? Fortunatley there is an answer... Creative Commons We grant free copyright licenses... that you can use to let people know exactly what parts of your Copyright you are prepared to allow them. It's easy... it just takes a minute... and it's completely free. Just visit our website.. and answer some simple questions, like... will you allow your work to be used commerically? and will you allow your work to be altered? Based on your responses we will give you a license that clearly illustrates what people can and cannot do with your creativity. You're not giving up your copyright, you are refining it so it works better. Welcome to a new world where collaboration reigns. A few years ago it didnt even exist.. but now there are millions and millions of songs, photos, videos and written works available to share... reuse... and remix totally free! Do you want to work together? Then join the Commons! Creative Commons End Animation and Design Music and Sound design Narrator Information Special Thanks And to all those that support Creative Commons, big and small cc a few reserved rights

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Duration: 3 minutes
Country: United States
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Creative Commons Staff
Director: Creative Commons Staff
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Posted by: enremx on Nov 28, 2008

Clear explanation about the Creative Commons principle.

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