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Le non-attachement suite - 7'

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Non-attachment is based on the ability to perceive what is essential and what is favorable to evolution and to spirit, and to practise it simply, and at the same time, not to worry when something unessential to us is missing. The condition is to see everything we are attached to and which is not essential, and the Work consists in letting go of all that. Detachment, detaching yourself does not necessarily mean letting go of it, but it means that you could live without it and you would not suffer from not having it, and using things in their right place, giving them their right value, when it is the right time. And you can only know that if you put yourself in those situations. Otherwise, you cannot know. Many people think that they are detached, they think they aren't attached, they believe themselves to be free, and as soon as you take a pencil on their desk, they make a problem of it. And non-attachment also is what makes it possible - and some people train themselves that way - not to worry. That means, when things happen, when problems occur, for instance, you take them as they come, no trouble, no fear, no anxiety, nothing. You take the good things as they come and enjoy them, and you do the exact same thing with difficulties. You know that you are going to overcome them anyway, and that everything will be burnt in the chasm of fire anyhow, and that nothing is more essential that being in contact with the force of the Origin, and you can always be in contact with it, whichever the circumstances may be. And that force, you discover it little by little, you can find it inside and it is a place of peace and force, as a matter of fact. And you become someone who does not make a problem of every little thing that happens. You become someone who takes small things and great things as they come and you do not turn anything into a problem anymore, and you solve them as they come along. So there are inner signs: one is that deep feeling of peace, and even joy, which goes along with you always and everywhere you go. And the outer sign is that you quit making a problem of everything. You can act, you can react to things as they happen, and a second later, they are not a problem anymore. You find a solution or decide on an attitude towards all things and all beings, very simply and spontaneously. And since you are in resonance with the Spirit, you do not need to ask yourself a hundred thousand questions anymore, how should I behave... You know perfectly well that you can only behave in one single way: openness, inclusiveness, one of the attitudes the stances describe, it is very simple. No question need to be asked. And when you are in a given space, you know how to behave according to the rules of that space and you perfectly adapt to the way things go in that space. You do not consider it a problem to get up at a given time, to go to bed at a given time, to eat at a given time, you do not consider it a problem to drive on the right side of the road rather than the left side, everything just flows, and there are not any problems anymore because you are in touch with a deep movement of life, the true flow of life inside, which is strong and peaceful, and quite often joyful. And joy comes by the very fact that you can be joyful and you can enjoy every little thing, be it the clouds in the sky, the rain dropping, or the sun, the dog running, the dog sleeping, the camera in front of you, the bread, the tea, the coffee there, it does not make any difference, everything is an opportunity to be in touch with the pleasure of life and the pleasure of the flow of life, And even if you have a pain somewhere, you acknowledge that pain and take it just as it is, and the world keeps turning, and you let that pain you have come along with you, and it is just fine as it is too. And quite often, pains are good comanions. They prevent us from doing all kinds of stupid things. So, always and everywhere, it is the same inner state, when you are in touch with life and with the flow of life. And this flow of life takes no account of all the stupid things pertaining to negative emotions, negative character features, inner considering. All that has no space. And it is the result of a profound understanding of what life is, of what your own life is and of its meaning, and sometimes, for some people, of their life lesson, or their life mission, because it is what is there right in front of you and you move towards it peacefully.

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