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Don Peppers - Trustability “Proof Points”

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Some Trustability "Proof Points" There are trustability proof points. Don Peppers You do proactive refunds Leading expert in Customer-Focused business strategies like JetBlue did. You do objective comparison tools, so you recommend competitors when it's necessary. You have warranty and benefit reminders. You notify a customer if they're paying more, if there's an overpayment due. You host customer reviews on your website. Those are all trustability proof points. Trustability provides long-term staying power. The people trust Apple, no one ever trusted AOL. AOL in the year 2000 became one of the world's largest companies by market capitalization when they bought Time Warner. Today, they're out of existence. They were bought for less than 1% of their former value by Verizon in 2017 or 2018. Apple. AOL could never make the transition from dial up to broadband. Apple was a computer company became a music company, became a phone company. They single handily invented the tablet category. And at every point, Apple, whose customers... Whose maniacally focused on the customer experience, the user experience. Apple's customers were glomming onto it. They're cheering it on, they want it to go, and now it's the world's most valuable company. Recovering lost trust If you want to recover lost trust, you can apologize, don't use excuses, never use the words but or however in an apology. Incompetence is forgivable, but deception is more serious and requires serious action. Promise better behavior in the future, then deliver better behavior in the future, and then you can demonstrate trustability with pervasive, but unheralded proof points. Don't advertise that you're trustable, because people won't believe that. If you have to advertise you're trustable, then you must not be trustable.

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Don Peppers - Trustability “Proof Points”

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