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I had just turned 19 when I was accepted into the Bolshoi Theater, it was January. And one day I was approached by Marina Semenova, who walked up briskly and said, "Boy, where are you coming from?" I replied that I’d just graduated from high school. "If you want to dance well, come to my class!" It took place on the stage, in a small corner, and Nina Speranskaya, one of our dancers, heard Semenova’s proposal and said, "If you're not a fool, come!" The first one of Semenova’s lessons that I attended took place on the stage. I was a boy with a good physique for ballet; I could lift my legs pretty high, especially when I was young. And of course, when it came to the adagio, I pulled up my leg to my ear and held it tight. Then Marina came up close to me, surprised, looked at me attentively, turned to the girls, and saw that most of the girls’ legs were lower than mine. "Girls! Do you see what’s going on?! You’ve just been outdone! " Semenova watched me for a long time. My face, for her, was unusual. Actually, I think I was interesting in general to Marina, something of an unusual character. Semenova had a peculiar quality - she could see that her student had ability as a lyrical dancer, but for ballets such as "Don Quixote" and "Raymonda", the student wasn’t suited. And then, in defiance of nature, Semenova would rehearse "Don Quixote" with this ballerina. in this case, she was able to find an approach to the individuality of the student, to come up with a role so that in spite of everything, the result turned out amazing. I remember our ballerina Galina Stepanenko beginning "La Sylphide" with Semenova. We even made fun of her students. But coming to the show we were in shock, because it was brilliant! But it was a stroke of genius only as long as Marina Timofeevna was near Stepanenko. Without Semenova, the arrangement couldn’t exist. That was also amazing. She had such a gift. The effect of her personal appearance made a huge difference.

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Posted by: zetkun on Mar 3, 2015

An abstract for Reborn Art

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