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iTEC scenario: Recognizing Informal Learning (English)

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Paulo works hard in his free time, but is not so interested in school work. Mr Fierro notices this tendency in some of his other students as well. The school has created a space for students to share their out-of-school experiences and to get formal credits for them. Paulo documents the skills and knowledge he gains when skateboarding. He collects evidence in a range of formats including paper drawings and designs he has created for skateboard logos photos of the different stages of him building a ramp, and a video of other skaters using his ramp at a competition. He captures this evidence using his mobile camera, a friend’s video camera, designs done on a computer, and scans of his paper designs. He places all the evidence onto his online portfolio. This is provided by the school, but is accessible from anywhere. Paulo’s online portfolio has a ‘school’ and ‘public’ setting, which means that he is able to share selected parts of his work with everyone in the school, or with a wider audience. He has the option to share his work with his parents but he declines. Paulo can also present his work to an individual teacher if he feels uncomfortable sharing it openly, but he is happy to share it with other students. Once every term Paulo and the rest of the school have the opportunity to present their collected evidence at a ‘show and tell’ event that takes place in school. Teachers from different subject areas view the students’ work and decide if they can use the evidence to support formal assessment. Mr Fierro teaches design and technology and decides that he can use Paulo’s evidence particularly to accredit him in the areas of ‘use of materials and their construction’.

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Posted by: akeune on Apr 26, 2011

"Recognizing Informal Learning" is a scenario of the iTEC project - Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom. For more info:

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