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6.All about ability - How the Paralympic Movement is maintaining momentum (1)

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Inspiring and exciting the world with elite sport, the Paralympic games have grown into the third largest event in the world. Transformed from a disability movement to one with sport at its core, Para Athletes create a more inclusive society, and, inspire the world to believe that anything is possible. Your performances will inspire and excite the world. You will not just inspire a generation, but, many generations to come. The Paralympic movement started with the vision of one man, Sir Ludwig Guttman. Beginning in 1948, with an archery competition for injured service personnel in Stoke Mandeville, England, it grew into the Paralympic games. With the increasing commercial support, and growing media coverage, athletes now compete in world class venues, in front of sold out crowds and billions of TV viewers. Everytime I go to sleep, I dream that I can still see. But, then I wake up to the dark, and that's tough. That's a crucial aspect where you've to find something to motivate you, and experience relevance, and, sport is a great way to make that happen. I love the feeling of sliding down, downhill, it's the feeling of speed. So, when I am skiing, I am free. People finally acknowledge that behind Alex Zanardi, there are an incredible amount of fantastic athletes, who worked really really hard to realize their dreams. Embracing social media like no other, athletes are giving unique insights into what it's like to be a proud Paralympian. Away from the Paralympics, the movement is bursting with sport. On average, a major international or regional sporting event takes place every two weeks, while regional multi-sport events are providing the perfect stepping stone to the Paralympic games. Athletes are also becoming household names, recognized for their stunning performances. By displaying the Paralympic values of courage, determination, inspiration, and equality, athletes are creating seismic shifts in attitudes towards people with an impairment. We are equal to other people. We are equal to each and everyone. With our equal values, we can get what we want. That's equality. Through the Agitos foundation, the IPC aims to develop sport opportunities, for all. No other movement drives social inclusion through the incredible abilities of athletes. Through sport athletes challenge the way people think about themselves, and, how they think about others, leaving tangible legacies. We will never think of sports the same way and we will never think of disability the same way. By enabling athletes to achieve sporting excellence, the Paralympic movement will continue to inspire and excite the world. Together, we are spreading a message of respect and equal opportunity

for all individuals.

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6.All about ability - How the Paralympic Movement is maintaining momentum (1)

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