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Self Evaluation 5: Am I Making Conscious Decisions?

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Self Evaluation Question 5: Am I Making Conscious Decisions? This level is your level of consciousness. In other words, subconscious things happen down here and the things you are conscious of happen up here. What we like to think when we are making daily decisions up here consciously... I say "yes" to that and "no" to that, we are going to go this way not that way. We like to think that our conscious decisions are just what we call them, conscious decisions, unconnected from any other thing. Quite often the truth is the decisions you are making up here are tethered to something in your past down here. This might be tethered to this. Let me give you a couple of examples. One of my friends grew up in a home where there was fighting and rage all the time. His parents were at it. They would slap each other around. Beat the other brothers and sisters. Fighting and rage. What he did to compensate for that, he became the peacemaker in the home. All he ever wanted. Hey, dad, stop hitting mom. Mom, stop throwing that chair at dad. Now he becomes a pastor of a church. I know the church well. He is a good pastor. He will not take risks. He will not really challenge people. His church is stuck. You want to know why? Because his top value is peace. They need a building program. He is not going lead them to a building program, because a building program is going to upset some people. He has to fire a staff person that needs to be fired. He is not going to do because someone is going to get upset. He has no awareness that his conscious what he thinks is his conscious, every day decision making is still being affected today from what happened in his home 40 years back. Let me show you the other extreme. Another friend I know very well. His parents had this script for him. They would call him stupid and worthless. They would say that he was never going to amount to anything. This kind of thing happens as you know. My friend overcompensated and became a super achiever. What he is doing every day of his life is saying, "Dad, I am going to prove to you, you were wrong. I can achieve. I can progress. I am smart and gifted. I can move things ahead. He has done unnecessary building programs at the various churches that he has led just to prove to his dad that he can build stuff and move a congregation even if they do not need buildings and he builds them. The congregation wonders, "Who are you building this for?" He does not realize that he is doing all of this for his dad. 40 years ago. Here is the question I always have to ask myself every 30 days, what decisions am I making up here that I think are just clean, conscious, upper strata decisions that really if I think about it are tethered to something down here that I have to pay attention to.

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Posted by: landsm on Jul 10, 2014


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