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rav berg new moon gemini 1992 edit 2017

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New Moon of Gemini recorded in 1992 I would just like to inject the Zohar into the importance of this month, wich sends us around one idea. the idea of Shavuot. in other words, why this month is important ? Because Shavout takes place in that month, or is Shavuot is a secondary course ? In other words, because this is such a particular month, thefore no other month can handle Shavuot. No other month can handle Shavuot. Just as we interpret, The idea of the Holy City of Jerusalém, Is that a holy city because the Holy Temple was located there ? Or is it the Holy Temple, that is located there as an effect to the fact that Jerusalém is a Holy City ? There´s something special in Jerusalem and therefore the only place that the Holy Temple could be located is in Jerusalém. The same holds true. And says Rabbi Shimon, {...hebrew...} This is the way Rabbi Shimon describes this month, and what takes place on Shavuot. {...hebrew...} "When all the friends, companions, gathered around him, in this particular night, He said {...hebrew...} "Let us be {...hebrew...}". "Let us correct the {...hebrew...}". {...hebrew...} means ornaments, jewelry of the bride." Who is the bride ? As we know, God was the groom, the Torah was the groom, which is also known as Zeir Anpin, which means male. and {..hebrew...}, which means all of Israel. At this month, this particular day is a time, says Rav Ashlag to explain what it means the ornaments of the bride, meaning us, meaning all the mankind, {...hebrew...} in order to draw down "mochin". "Mochin" comes the word "moach", the brain. To draw down the brain of God, To draw the brain of God, Oh, there´s a brain of God ? He's a person ? No. "Mochin" means the lightforce. That positive energy. That energy, that quantum energy, which does not contain illness. Does not contain, as we see today, fortunes, countries going down the tubes. Countries that are soon going down the tubes. Because in the lightforce of God there is no chaos, whether would be economics, whether would be health or relationships. There is no such a thing. That´s called "mochin", like the brain, Like the brain itself. You can have pain all over the body. A phenomenon. You can have pain all over the body. The way we recognize the pain, it's because certain stimulus arrives at the brain, If I suffer a bruise on my finger, the brain picks that sensation and translates into something of pain. Now if we did or bruise the brain itself, the answer is that, it never feels pain. The brain itself never feels pain. Why doesn't the brain fell pain ? Because the pain is that affinity with lightforce, and in the lightforce there is no pain. There's nothing. Of any nature that we consider to be chaotic. There is no such existence. That is what we can accomplish in this month. And therefore, the only reason that those ten utterances which will be explained more fully in Shavout, relates to this month, is because there is one way to correct ourselves, in creating the affinity with the lightforce. How do you connect with God ? Said Rabbi Shimon {...hebrew...} {...hebrew...} are the ornaments. What are our ornaments ? What is my ornament, your ornament ? My ego is certanly the great ornament. Who am I ? I am this, I am that. When I speak, I want to be heard. If is words of wisdom, look who this is ! That's us. That's our ornaments. Our intelligence, the 4%, we are always smart until when ? Till when ? When we're no longer smart. See you're only smart until you become stupid. But that rational conscience for us is difficult to absorb. We are healthy, and will remain healthy, until when ? When we are no longer healthy. And for true for all relationships and so on. That´s our {...hebrew...} Our health, the physic, I´m healthy, I feel good, These are all {...hebrew...}. These are all our ornaments. These are the ones that we speak about, Then there are of course those few people who are always praising themselves with "how terrible I fell". But that´s not by and large, you know, what most people express, is how terrible I fell, how things are so bad and etc. Most of us would rather prefer being the side of the {...hebrew...}. Things that express themselves some appearance. That things are going very well. Everyone is ashamed to say that I'm a poor man. Everyone is ashamed to say that I don't feel well, and complain all day. That´s really not people are interested, They will smile with you, as it says. They will smile with you, when you smile. When you cry, you cry alone. You cry alone. Nobody wants to hear the other one's misery because most of us probably have our own little package of baggage. Of chaos. That listen i've had enough, I mean now i've got to hear more ? How do you be {...hebrew...} ? Through the "resh" and the "zain". The paradox of life. "Resh" we said was making an appearance as if you're poor That will bring you wealth. The paradox that exists in this world. The bulb once adaped to the eletrical current, What must we do ? You must have a filament that rejects, by rejecting you get. You wanna breath in, you gotta breath out. Everything, if you observe, anything that exists around us, you will notice, That it operates, and certain science has come to the paradoxal nature of existence. Well substanciated, and well confirmed by science, that we live in a paradoxical nature of existence. To earn wealth, you got to pride yourself that you i have no wealth. That's the way you acquire wealth. The paradox of life, that when you consider youself poor, even when you have billions, but you say, in one moment, without the support of lifeforce, I have got anything. And I will have nothing. Without the support of the lightforce, Because these conscience must be laid to rest. Bury, "resh". Now to achieve that consciousness, when can we achieve that consciousness ? How can we achieve that consciousness ? Is this month, and only in this month. We have a support system, that we can walk out tonight and say, maybe there is something to it. I look all around, and there is chaos. We can't deny that. And there is a paradoxical nature in existence. Maybe it's true. And certainly I may have no method, by which I can say "cancer take a vacation for at least a hundred, twenty years" I mean no one, no one even can claim to posses that kind of power, yet that power is ours. That power can be achived when ? When ? Only in this month. Only in this month. Therefore this month is the power of light. Therefore the "resh" and the "zain". And what does the "zain" mean ? This month, this month we will given the tools. We are now in the period of the ressurection of the dead. We are now in the period of ressurecting ourselves. Which is also {...hebrew...}. This is the month, but what it requires is weaponry. All weaponry. The weaponry that we are "resh". The begin of the paradox, we are nothing. And then we will have all. Amen (amen). The Kabbalah Centre learn transform connect

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Rav Berg New Moon Gemini

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