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Cameron Diaz Pangea Day PSA

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We need to understand one another better because we all share the same planet--and we only have one of them. And the more that we--the more that we know about each other, and the more that we tell each other about ourselves, the more likenesses we see that we have. And story-telling is age-old. It's something we've done since the beginning of man, and, it's how we relate to each other--first as a small community, you know, as tribes, and now, because we are a global tribe, because we are all, now, aware of one another, that story telling must, absolutely, expand to be inclusive to everyone. So that we can-- we know--that we are, in fact, just because we live on the other side of the world, doesn't mean that we're any different. In my travels around the world, the one thing that I've seen, the one thing that is an absolute, is that everyone is absolutely the same. Everybody wants the same things for themselves-- they want to be loved, they want to be safe, they want to provide for their families. And those basic things, just having that understanding, makes you feel connected and not alone. And I think that that can only be a good thing for everyone. A lot of films have inspired me, but one in particular was The Color Purple. That story, because I saw it when I was a young girl, and-- I have a sister and I related so much to that connection, to, you know, having a young age to understand in myself-- that I felt the way that I did about my sister at that age, when you're pulling each other's hair, you know, and not wanting to share anything, to, like, be so--made so aware of how important it is to have a bonding, to be bonded to someone and to treat people well and the consequences of not doing so. And Raiders of The Lost Ark, which, at a very young age, sort of, really made me go, "I love adventure!" I want to go out and see the world. I want to go and do things. I want to--I want to, you know, I want to take that full stride across the tarmac at full speed before the plane blows up. I just want to. I'm going to be, on May 10th, at Pangea Day. I hope to see you there, too.

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Posted by: zad on Jun 30, 2008

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