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Re-elect Kaniela Ing - for Maui's future.

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Aloha, my name is Kaniela Ing, your State Representative from South Maui I was born-and-raised on Maui, come from seven generations, I come from a working-class family. My mom worked at Liberty House: she sold shoes My dad was waiter at "Raffles" in Wailea an ILWU member We didn't have much, but they taught us their values of hard work, education and serving others My father passed away around my twelfth birthday and I worked in the pineapple fields every summer to help my mom with family bills. It was through that experience where I learned the real challenges of working families and immigrants across our islands It was my teachers, church, and government that really showed us compassion when we needed it most. After I went away to college, to DC to work and start a business obtain experience at all four levels of government I decided to come home to serve the community that gave us so much when we really needed it In my work, I try to focus on long-term solutions thinking about the next generation before the next election. like education, like Kihei High School. We raised the minimum wage, we opposed the trans pacific partnership I'm now fighting for a living wage, Fighting for paid family leave, sick leave. equal pay for women, end corporate ownership of our streams on Maui, These progressive issues are very important and we're at a crossroads right now on Maui. Throughout my lifetime, there was a real sense of unity and lokahi and that's starting to diminish Populations coming in want to see some change It's important that we have leaders that bridge those communities and find ideas that work and change that's welcome When I see 3,000 luxury condos pop up in just two years and no real affordable houses that my generation can live in, that's probably not positive change. But we need to do everything we can to ensure positive change which is why I'm supporting legalizing industrial hemp incentives for local food, all we can do to keep Maui green and save hundreds of jobs that have been lost I think for too long the political decisions in Hawaii have been controlled by what's next for the next election rather than the next generation and we're starting our eighth generation now here on this island I really urge you guys to come out signwave, donate, help cook for a fundraiser, whatever you can do to make it happen. I humbly ask for your vote once again, so I can continue serving you. Aloha.

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Posted by: kanielaing on Jul 19, 2016

I do this work so that my son, Laguna--and all of our children--will grow up to experience what makes Maui so special.

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