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Le fil rouge nécessaire des Ecoles de Sagesse - 6'

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I read Steiner last summer and I noticed that he repeatedly, in many different ways, says that it is necessary for the humain mind to go through our time period. Among other things, he speaks of his own time period, which preceded it and of the century which juste went by. Besides, he also clearly gives indications which show how we seem to be losing ourselves in material things, where their upbringing seems to lose our kids, at least the relationship parents-children is getting lost, the bonding... he says it is necessary for children to become what they are presently becoming, even for our society. It somehow made me feel good, to begin with, because I am one of those kids who sort of rejected this society, because they could not find any inner values for themselves. So I found all that interesting, and by the same token, I wonder : actually, once you live in this society, once you accept it, you begin to accept it, you even want to take a active part in it, we, as a School, with our values, with our teaching... I am talking of us, and not necesseraily of you, because your outlook is different, but... who are we working for ? For what kind of a future ? Because, obviously, we sitll are within that time period which Steiner describes, it may even go further, and we are trying to sow seeds, inside and outside. which seem not to belong to our time yet... You have not read much of Steiner's books, so you do not know that everything which is going on happens exactly as it is meant to happen, and nothing can be changed. All this materialism, all this superficiality, all this destruction going on everywhere, be it material, thus physical, destruction of the earth, or of moral values, all this belongs to the evolutionary path of our time. And so, all this naturally leads to the utmost chaos. Unless... unless a guiding light is maintained by Schools of Mysteries and Schools of Wisdom, in the midst of it all. We are not rejecting any of this, because we know that things cannot be different from what they are, but we become the representatives of that "other way", which continues to exist despite it all. And this is the painful situation of those who become true pupils on the path. They realize that it is their duty to be the bearers of values which are eternal values, and at the same time, they are constantly exposed to this world, which evolves in a totally different way because it is within the hold - you were talking of anthroposophy - within the hold of what we call ahrimanian forces. And within their grip, things cannot be any different from what they are. But you ca be different. You ca belong to that other school of thought, that other guiding light through cultures, and civlizations, and eras, and that is what enables the whole evolutionary path to go on. Otherwise, evolution is condemned to die out, obviously. And so, from time to taime, a "savior" appears. And a savior may be a great idea, it may be a person, sometimes, who brings something to a culture, to a civilization, and which allows it to go on, but not towards chaos, but to the final end of the resonance for that particular note. At that point, there is an interval, and from there on, we move on to another level. We could say that everything that happend prior to that interval is erased, it cannot disappear entirely, but something new begins. A new note is played. Because either... In the past, it was a human being who would come to this earth and would provoke this. He was the bearer of an idea, but a living idea, like the Buddha for example or like Jesus of Nazareth, they come with such an idea and that idea allows a new note to be played, and the previous note, little by little, we still hear echoes of it. Just echoes, but it is over, it does not really sound anymore, only through echoes. Or an idea is introduced within a civilization, and it changes everything. The ahrimanian forces have understood this process, so they too are trying to send a spirit, in the same way, among humans, on earth, or they try to introduce soemthing which resembles a spirit, because what characterizes ahrimanian spirits, is that they are sort of dissolved and materialized. So they try to create something which resembles the spirit, which can be universal : and so they create the iinternet. You see? That is the way civilization, civilizations, evolve, come to an end and people believe it is the end of the worlds, but it just is the end of a world. And another one comes. As long as a new idea is not prevented from coming. Before, it was a new being, that is the reason why they always wanted to murder those beings, you see. Some people had a premonition and knew of their coming, so they wanted to prevent those beings from existing. In the past, we called that : the forces of evil wanted to destroy the forces of good. And basically, it is necessary for that idea to keep on existing, and the Schools of Mysteries are always there to prepare for the coming of such a being or of such an idea.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 21 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Producer: Editions Chercheur de Vérité
Director: Brice Morot
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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Aug 7, 2012

Selim Aïssel - 6mn - 43

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