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Singularity University - Global Impact Competitions 2013

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[Salim Ismail] [Global Ambassador, Singularity University] Do you think you have what it takes to positively impact a billion people around the world? Here are a few of our students that do.

[♪ Music ♪] [Singularity University gathers the brightest minds to study and leverage] [exponential technologies to change the world.]

My belief is that if we as humans come together using technology, then we will make a change. If you want to do good, we have to come together as a race. I do know how I can make a difference, and I really want to make a difference, because I think it can be different, and I really want to contribute to that. I know in Mexico there's a lot of brilliant people

that could be here if they had the same opportunities as me, so I want to give some back to society. I want to know what--any way I could help, so that's why I'm here.

[To find great participants who want to solve global challenges,] [each year SU organizes competitions in countries around the world.] [Male] I'm from Palestine.>>[Female] I'm from China.>>[Male] I'm from Brazil. I'm from Indonesia.>>I'm a software engineer from the Dominican Republic. I won a full scholarship from the Axelera Global competition in Italy.

[The competitions ask participants for an idea that will benefit millions of people in their local countries.]

One of my best friends sent me an email about this competition. He said, "This is meant for you," and I opened the email, and I was like, "Yeah, this is really, really cool." My idea was a Google for materials. You can go throughout the whole supply chain of a product, and by doing that, you enable large-scale reuse and recycling of resources. I made the product Freeijis, and it is a product that is a refrigerator which uses no electricity. It's a one-stop portal for public services in Indonesia. An automatic translator that you can plug in your ear.

[The winner receives a full scholarship to Singularity University's Graduate Studies Program.] I came here because I wanted to learn about exponential technologies. It is one of the things that will change the world, and I'd like to be part of the change. I wanted to find a community where people are positive and where people are at the forefront of all the technologies and all that is happening in the world. SU I think is changing my life. I think it has opened a lot of windows on my future and a lot of interests that before I came here I didn't know. Change for me in my life, for coming to SU, is exponential. Before SU, I'd talk with somebody about an idea, and they'd say, "It's cool. You're crazy." And when I got here and talked with the same idea with other students, they'd say, "Oh, yeah, that's cool." "I was thinking the same. Let's do it." To see that there's many more people out there that actually want to make a change like I do just really encouraged me. It was something--a completely new idea, something completely amazing and innovative. In 20 or so countries we'll be having a contest to find a great future leader of that country or the world. In order to win the chance to come to Singularity University for the summer, come up with an idea that would impact a few million people around your area or your region leveraging technology in some way, and start implementing it. For more information, come visit us on the Web at

[Singularity University] [Preparing Humanity for Accelerating Technological Change]

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With the prize of attending Singularity University, SU holds competitions around the world to identify outstanding students and to promote entrepreneurship for positively impacting local regions.

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