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He's just not that into you

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A girl would never forget the first boy she likes. Even if things don't quite work out… (push....) Why did you do that? Because you smell like dog poo. You are so stupid, just like dog poo. You are made out of poo! But usually someone is there to offer words of wisdom. poo... Honey... you know why that little boy did those things… and said those things? It's because he likes you. And there it is. That's the beginning of our problem. That little boy is doing those terrible things because he's got a crush on you. Do you know what this means? We're all encouraged...... no, programmed... to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you. Here's the problem He likes you too much You're too pretty and too awesome. (crying..)Yea He can't handle it. That Phi Delt so obviously likes you. I'm sure he just lost your number. (hemm) He is not asking you out because he's intimidated by your professional success. (Speaking in Japanese) He is not asking you out, because he is scared of your… Arhh.. is that true? Trust me. It's because he is just getting out of a serious relationship. Trust me. It's because he is never had a serious relationship. (Speaking in a foreign language) I am sure he just forgot your hut number Or was eaten by a lion you guys are awesome. Why do we say this stuff to each other? Is it possible that it's because we are too scared and it's too hard to say the one obvious truth that's staring everyone in the face? He's just not that into you

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Posted by: elsahp on Apr 22, 2012


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