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Free Europe

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Nigel Farage tells Portuguese Prime Minister José Socrates to give our oldest ally a referendum Mr. President, thank you. And can I say how much I enjoy watching you signing the 2008 budget for the EU earlier on this afternoon and – who knows? – perhaps this year the auditors might sign the accounts as well. That would be rather fun, wouldn't it? Mr Sócrates, I have no doubt you are delighted with your Presidency and the fact that you got last Thursday in that magnificent monastery in Lisbon this Treaty signed. But I can't join in the congratulations of the other Group leaders because to me this simply isn't straight dealing. Because what was signed at Lisbon was a constitutional treaty. It is identical in content to the Constitution that was kicked into touch by the French and by the Dutch. All you have done is you've dropped the 'c' word for fear that will cause offense, you have renumbered the articles and you have given us a treaty. And, frankly, what you have been engaged upon is nothing better than a giant deceit. A deliberate attempt — a deliberate attempt to force upon the peoples of Europe the Constitution but without having the courage to call it that. It is dishonest; it is designed purely to stop there being referendums in Member State countries. And, behind all of this, is this new and I think extremely dangerous form of Euronationalism, the desire to create this state. And it doesn't take ‘no’ for an answer, and it's not prepared to stop at anything. And you only have to see in this Chamber when the anthem – the anthem that isn't even supposed to be in the new Treaty – when the anthem is played and you see people standing here, ramrod straight. The European project is about nationalism. And to impose upon people a new nationality, a new legal order without first seeking their consent is a damn dangerous thing to do. So please, Mr Sócrates, finish your Presidency well. Keep your promise to your people in Portugal. Give the people in Portugal a referendum. That will encourage the other Member States to do it. And, frankly, if this Treaty is as good as you say it is, then go out there and sell it to the peoples of Europe. Thank you. :: ::

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Posted by: mmister on Jun 12, 2011

Nigel Farage tells Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates to give Britain's oldest ally Portugal, a referendum on the 'Reform Treaty'.

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