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Marlin: Oh Coral...isn't today such a beautiful day? Coral: Oh it's so nice out today! Marlin: Coral...what do you think about babies? Coral: I think I want 100 or 2 Marlin: Oh yes! Faster Coral! (Marlin and Coral playing Slide) Coral: Aww...look at our babies! Marlin: Coral...the one you're holding right now? Marlin: That's Nemo, the most special baby... Predator: I'm a hungry shark..and I'm mean! (Predator kills Coral and eats most of the unborn clownfish babies) Marlin: Honeybuns! I'm home! Marlin: Coral! Marlin: Coral where you at?? (Marlin finds Nemo, the only surviving baby) Marlin: so precious... Marlin: My one son left Marlin: I will cherish you with all my heart. Marlin: I love you Nemo: Daddy! It's my first day of school today! Nemo: I'm so excited!!! Marlin: Oh Nemo...are you excited? Marlin: You're going to Stingray School! Marlin: You're gonna meet so many new people! Nemo: Yes! I'm so excited!! Marlin: Alright son...let us go Nemo: Daddy, why do I have one shorter fin? Marlin: You know Nemo... Marlin: You're a special son Marlin: You're so special that you were born with one big and one small fin Nemo: Yay! I love being special! Nemo: My dad taught me how to swim! Nemo: I got one big and one small fin (Nemo explaining how to swim with his one normal fin and one "special" fin) (Nemo out of breath) Teacher: Where you from Nemo? Nemo: I'm from sea anenemone!! Teacher: No...its (pronounces sea anemone wrong) (Teacher and Nemo pronouncing anemone wrong) Teacher: Yes... Nemo: I'm lost! Nemo: Where am I?! Nemo: I'm in... Nemo: I'm in a a tank! Nemo: This is a grass! Nemo: It's fake! Nemo: Where my daddy at?! (looking for Marlin) Nemo: Daddy! (looking around the tank) Nemo: Where's my food? Nemo: HELP! Nemo: Help me! Nemo: I'm stuck! (Marlin looking for Nemo) Marlin: NEMO! Marlin: WHERE YOU AT! Marlin: My son! Marlin: Nemo! Marlin: OMG where you at Nemo?! (Marlin bumps into Dory) Marlin: I'm Marl- Dory: HI I'M DORY Marlin: Uh..I'm Marlin? Dory: I'm Dory! Marlin: Have you seen my son Nemo? Dory:..I'm Dory! Marlin: I haven't seen him for a couple days...I think I lost him. Dory: Wait what are we talkin' about? (looking for Nemo together) (Dory telling Marlin she's Dory) (still looking for Nemo) (...still looking) Marlin: Hey Dory! Marlin: Do you think those fish to the left of us might be my son? Dory: Uhhhhhhhmmm... Dory: Who's your son? Marlin: Nemo... Dory: Oh... Marlin: He looks like me but smaller (looking at the other fish) Dory: I don't think so (Marlin and Dory find a turtle) Dory: Um have you seen... Marlin: son Nemo? Dory: Ohh Crush: Nah bruhh we've been travelling so wanna come? Dory: yeah! Marlin: Sounds good... (Crush, Marlin, and Dory all look for Nemo together) Nemo: Oh! My digestive system's acting up! (Nemo pooping) Nemo: Ahhh that feels much better! Dory: Did we find Nemo? Marlin: No... Nemo: DADDY!!! (Nemo calling Marlin in the distance) Nemo: DADDY!!! (Dory and Marlin still looking for Nemo) REUUNNIIOONNNN

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Posted by: yebinkwon on May 31, 2018

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