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Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi addressing to a huge gathering in Lahore 5 of 7

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Now, how this Allah-Allah comes within? The benefit is when 'This' (Allah-Allah) enters within. How 'This' enters within? There are some ways to do it. Whoever is fond of Allah, fond of bringing Allah within. Allah says, "Seeker come! Seeker come! Come swiftly! Come swiftly!” But you should have the method for 'This' (in order to bring Allah within) then. For this, one needs to write “Allah” on a paper 66 times daily. It is very good time, after the Fajar prayer (dawn time), but if you can't benefit/avail that time then write “Allah‎” any time, in a day. Write many times but whenever you write, write 66 times each time; this way it will become an activity (amal). You'll write few days and there come such a time that whatever you were writing on paper, that will be start hovering in your eyes. Once it starts moving in the eyes; then, stop writing. Through eyes then try with concentration to make an imprint of it in the heart and the time will come that whatever you were writing on paper that will be seen written on the heart. A person with police tag is a policeman and one with Allah written (on heart) will be man of Allah. That time your heart beats will get fasten --- tik, tik, tik, tik...... Now try to synchronize 'Allah- Hu' with it. With one (beat) synchronize Allah and with another 'Hu'. It (word Allah) will be written in black (color). Now, with the continuous chanting of 'Allah-Hu', it will start becoming whitish. A day will arrive, when it will start glittering like sun in the chest. Once it glitters like sun. Now you become fearless and worriless. Now even go to the grave, go with splendor. Munkir-Nakir (name of angles who comes in grave) will come. First of all they will ask “tell us who your God is”? Don't get scared from them, keep quiet. Tease them. They'll ask again “tell us who your God is”? Silent! They'll ask again “are you dumb tell who your God is”? Remove the shroud/coffin. Show them Allah is written. They will not have courage to ask any other questions from you. “O' the man of Allah! Sleep peacefully. This (matter) is between you and your God. We are feeling shame, what questions we should ask you?” When you go to sleep at night, imagine 'this' (right hand index) finger as a pencil, with imagination while writing Allah on your heart, go to sleep. The slumber should befall upon you while doing this. In this world, in midnight, special angels come, from Kiraman' Kaatibin they ask about every person; “tell what was his last deed when he was about to sleep. It is not known if he'll remain alive till morning or not”. They answer “he slept after offering his prayer of Esha”. They pray for him that may Allah keep him happy. And this one? He slept after reciting Ayet-ul-kursi. “retain the dignity of this Ayet-ul-kursi and protect him”. That he slept after reciting Darood; “May Allah also keep him happy”. And this one? While chanted Allah Hoo slept in that ecstasy. Then angels says, "Be quiet, speak lightly; perhaps he slept in His remembrance” and it is possible that Allah will count your whole night in His worship, because whatever the intention we have at the time of sleeping; happens exactly the same in dreams. Slept while chanting 'Allah-Hu', and continued this Allah-Hu in dreams. When you get up in the morning, don't worry whether one has the ablution or not. The ablution of heart is not performed with water. Keep on doing secret commemoration (Zikr-e-khafi). Secret commemoration is not any destination. When Allah-Allah synchronized with heart beats, it is a meditation of heart (Zikr-e-Qalbi). The day when your heart beats call out Allah-Allah; Today is your first step in Mysticism. Today is your first step in Mysticism. Your journey has begun today. When the heart beats called Allah-Allah, this is a Tareeqat (mysticism). While keep on chanting Allah-Allah when one is reached to Allah, Then this is called Haqeeqat (Reality). The connection of Haqeeqat is with the eyes/vision. Our religious scholars say; they Aalim-Rabbani (Godly scholars) do not say. They are silent. Aalim-Sue (worldly scholars) say: everything is in the Shariat. They consider everything to be in the Shariat; Now the Tareeqat to be in Shariat and the Haqeeqat also. The 'Vision' of Allah is also to be in the Shariat. We went to Norway, there is signboard bearing that “there is 'no world' beyond this point”. If someone who is adventurer (explorer) of the world will stop by approaching there. When you said that everything is Shariat (law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). now, the one who is seeker of Allah will be trapped in the Shariat. Why not said? That there is a Tareeqat beyond this --- there is Haqeeqat too, beyond this --- there is also Maarfat --- and the ‘Vision’ is also there. Sultan Bahu wrote in his book Noor-ul-Huda that; “these religious scholars are robbers in the way of Allah” We thought that what he has written this. They (scholars) lead us offer prayers, they also taught us the Holy Quran, Sultan Sahib says that they are robbers. They are caught with one thing only when they said that everything in contained in the Shariat. They are caught because of this! Now one who was seeker of Allah, he said that I have completed the Shariat but I did not find Allah. They (worldly scholars) said that you should step into the politics; Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] also did politics. They (worldly scholars) brought him into politics. Started saying that woman can't reign in the morning and in the evening said that yes, she can reign. When people asked, "Molvi Sahib (Mr. Scholar) what have you said this?" They (worldly scholars) said that this is what politics is all about. This is the politics... Now they accompanied him (worldly scholar) in the politics till five, six years but achieved nothing Molvi Sahib “we didn't find Allah, what shall we do now?”. Replied; Do Jihad now. Asked; how to do that? Replied; "they custodian of that mosque do not say 'Ya Rasool'Allah'", you kill them --- they will kill you --- this is the Jihad. And this way they made Muslims to fight with one another; isn't it? Now if the seat is got, it has got by the Molvi Sahib (Mr scholar). Those who have been in close affinity with him --- what happened with them? If they would have spent these five, six years chanting Allah-Allah --- though had not done matriculation but if could have learnt some alif, bay... Allah Allah. They must have got the reward of Allah-Allah. Now some people, whose heart beats are prominent, will be able to synchronize Allah with them. What shall those do, whose beats are faint (quiet)? There are some methods for them which seem silly apparently but they are the best one. People used to go to Ameer Kalal --- for Spiritual Grace (faiz). He used ask to them “to play kabaddi”. People say “that we have come for Spiritual Grace”. They (Ameer Kalal) used to say that “our method of granting grace is in kabaddi”. Ameer Kalal made them run a lot. When the beats of the heart got pumped enough, said; “now leave the kabaddi, now synchronize Allah-Allah with these heartbeats. People used to go to Laal Shahbaz Qalander. He used to say “let's dance”. They (people) said, “We have come for Spiritual Grace”. He (Laal Shahbaz Qalander) replied “our method of granting grace is in dancing” That dance is famous even today which is called Dhamal. Those people used to dance! Dance a lot. We’ve seen our self. That time they used to dance with 'Allah-Hu'. Now, they dance with 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander'. There we saw that some people were dancing with 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander', two people among them felt unconscious while dancing. I went ahead to let him drink water, and others got engaged to let other person drink water. While I was helping him to drink water --- his mouth was sealed --- the teeth were tightened a voice was coming from within: 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander', 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander' --- I thought that now the voice of 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander' was coming from the hearts. That time as they used to dance with Allah-Hu, that time the voice of Allah-Hu would had come from their hearts. Now, there is a one more easy way. In this, one has to play neither Kababbadi nor has to dance. This is a method by stroking of Allah-Hu up to one or one and half hour. When you'll chant of Allah-Hu by stroking, then the same position will develop which arises with kabaddi, the beats of the heart will get obvious, synchronize Allah-Hu with those heartbeats. When this synchronization will take place, you will also feel hot. If you feel hot, then recite Drood Sharif which make it cool, again start chanting of Allah-Hu, if again feel hot then again recite Drood sharif again, this will make it cool. Now for this permission is also needed. Permission is necessary for any act besides obligation (friaz). For that permission is necessary. What is this permission? You offer the Tahajjad (midnight prayer) here. You're actually doing a good deed but the Satan laughs standing at the corner side ---

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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering a lecture to a huge gathering in Lahore (Mochi Gate).

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