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Wily Wolf

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After a hard night of partying, the wolves were hungry for some good hangover food. Not having a McDonalds near by, they decided some good old lamb chops would be quite satisfying. Inside the party shack, Wily Wolf, the only one who wasn’t too hungover, scoped out the meal for the day,a tasty little lamb. Wily called his friends. With his double D’s and his elegant dress, Wily left the shack and expected to fool the lamb. The other wolves laughed as Wily made a fool of himself. Wily the wolf had almost succeeded in fooling the lamb until it noticed Wily's disgustingly hairy legs. Wily played his trumpet with hope. While Wily was luring the lamb, the other wolves prepared the stew to go along with the lamb chops. The little lamb ran away while the wolves hit each other over the head with a 2x4, only worsening their hangover headaches. Despite the setback, the wolves were still eager to set the table. "That lamb is a stubborn one!" The little lamb stumbled to a halt, and was now at the wolves mercy. All hope was lost, when suddenly, out of a tree, appeared Mighty Mouse! As the wolves huffed and puffed the flames to life, the little lamb called out, "Help me, help me!" Soon enough, Mighty Mouse swooped in and knocked the pot of boiling water over. Wily the wolf was in for an unpleasant surprise. Mighty Mouse caught fire to Wily Wolfs fur! As the other two wolves ran into the party shack with dinner in their hands, Mighty Mouse chased them down. They threw butcher knives at Mighty, while he used his mouse powers to turn them around and trap the wolves. An unsuspected brawl started between the two wolves and Might Mouse. No surprise who won. Mighty ends up knocking one wolf out, while sending the other one to a drunken stupor when the keg leaks. When Wily Wolf tries to shoot at the mouse, Mighty ends up cannonballing through the house in the stew pot, taking out all three wolves. "Ready, aim, fire!" The wolves began shooting. However, the stew pot repelled every cannon they fired. The party shack was getting too old to put up with all of the wolves shenanigans and self combusted, leaving everything in the air. Mighty Mouse, being the small hero that he is, saved the little lamb and returned him to his family.

Video Details

Duration: 6 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Daryl Drozda
Director: Daryl Drozda
Views: 100
Posted by: daryldrozda on Oct 30, 2009

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