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Magnetics Research at OSU

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Magnetics is a very mysterious field. There's a lot that's known. And there's lots being investigated about spin and electron, momentum. Things that create this phenomenon magnetics as we know it. And a lot of that really is not well understood right now. Magnetics is a pretty multidisciplinary field with applications ranging from power generation all the way to biomedical applications and equipment. There are a whole lot of areas and places where you can go with a degree in electrical engineering. For an undergraduate student we don't expect them to have the background. We want good students who are motivated, who are curious, who want to learn because I don't value education where they're not able to transition from one kind of job to another. They should be able to adapt and move as the technology changes. So I hope that, you know, that students who don't have a background can still come into this lab, learn the things that would make them better engineers overall so that they can go on and do good things. Currently I'm working on magnetic biosensing, a project that I'm spearheading. Even as an undergraduate they have plenty of projects for people to work on and take the lead on which is really nice because you learn skills you don't get in just your education. Specifically presentation skills. Having to know everything about my project, so at any point, if they ask me a question, I can explain what it is I'm doing, why I'm doing it and in the timeline. The biggest draw about this field is that we're working with the fundamentals of electronics and a huge industry. You know, this is the basis of how everything we know today is built. And I'm working with and learning more and more about the very fundamentals of it. We're looking at the atomic level. We're looking at really really small devices and this is where it all comes from, this is the basis of everything.

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Cutting edge research in magnetics provides opportunities for students.

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