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lele simbur oleh pak azhar

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Simbur Catfish Days after college graduation, I sat and brood I didn’t have a job yet I did not leave the house for almost two weeks I felt ashamed. Grandpa visited. I told him that I would love to teach and he asked me to meet a relatives who is a supervisor at the education office The supervisor gave me good news. A letter of introduction for a school Alhamdulillah, I was accepted and started as a voluntary teacher I was asked to fill in lessons for Grade 6 This was Islamic studies, I was not overly burdened because I had studied to be an Islamic education teacher As a newcomer, I would do whatever was asked. I was once told to take sports class although it had nothing to do with my competencies A religion teacher teaching sports? It does not make sense I can't even do a back roll but had to make myself turn upside down. My back couldn't even bend to do a back bend The most difficult was to teach 1st Graders, we start from zero Most of them had not been in kindergarten. When I asked them to write on the blackboard, they cried Some won't even get up from their chairs. Some did not come the next day because they were afraid Then I got assigned to teach 3rd Grade I met with students who cannot read, but can only spell When it was his time to read, this boy’s friends would laugh at him He spelled the word L.E.L.E (catfish), and pronounced it...Simbur! (Catfish in Sasak language) Although able to spell, the child could not read He was also shy, being the oldest in class because he had failed one year I felt sorry for him because the younger ones are already able to read During recess, the Headmaster asked me "how it was teaching 3rd graders?" I said "there is one who could spell but could not read" "Try to guide him" the Headmaster said. At first I was worried, would the child want to learn? Would I able to give him the sprit to continue learning? In three months, I gave him books and helped him study during recess Finally he could read. I had managed to help. I was relieved Along with the experience, I was not afraid anymore to enter in any class I taught 1st graders and it was a success. I taught 6th graders and everyone passed the exams Except, if I am given the task to teach gym class, I am still afraid

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Posted by: abisaputra on Jun 24, 2016

lele simbur oleh pak azhar

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