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Greg Craig Live 3 V2A

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I'd like to tell you what has been happening in Skanska UK. But I think it's important to first remember a colleague that we have lost, Simon Perry. Simon was a beam technician from the UK who sadly died from this terrible virus. We currently have about 85 live sites, all but a few of them are open although productivity is reduced on most. And through innovation, collaboration with our supply chain and just sheer hard work, the productivity levels are now increasing. In talking with our customers, the way I would describe what we've done so far, would be under four headings. First of course is health, safety and well-being. The guiding principle for all our decisions has been to avoid putting ourselves and others at risk. And to follow what we're being asked to do by the government and their expert medical advisors. We've playing a key role in keeping the UK running and have large sections of our workforce cast as essential workers. These teams maintain the UK's critical national infrastructure, that's including hospitals, schools, highways, waterworks and gas distribution and networks. The next priority has been our people. Following the government advice and since mid-March, our offices are closed and we've been encouraging everyone who can work from home to do so. But we're working hard to stay fully connected. We have a great IT setup so we've been using that to reach out and listen to our people and act on their feedback wherever possible. We've provided lots of different types of support, some of it quite specialist like the counselling for our front-line colleagues who are maintaining the hospitals, and then lots of help to maintain good mental health, loads of IT training and we've also provided additional equipment to make working from home a little bit easier. One of our units, even has a weekly keep-fit event that apparently is a lot of fun. The third area is making sure we have plans in place. We have created and implemented numerous plans to deal with this crisis from business continuity, finance plans, commercial management, communications and many more. But plans allow our people to understand what we're looking for from them. And this has enabled our responses to be well considered, consistent and above all it's enabled us to stay in control. And then the fourth priority area is to be thinking about our future. Making sure that we think about all the options that are now open to us. We're all intending to emerge from this as a better business. An example would be that we now have a production hub, we can capture all of the fantastic innovations and new techniques that we've been creating throughout this crisis, but it also enables us to share it so we can spread it across our whole business. You're very welcome to use it. I think it's fair to say that amongst all the Skanska business units the UK has faced some of the greatest challenges in continuing our work from the site. But given a common and determined sense of purpose, it's extraordinary what can be achieved, it is extraordinary what we have achieved. We will use this to our advantage. One thing I do know, the crisis will end, they all do. And as that time nears, we're making sure that we're ready to do what we do best-- rebuild for a better society.

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Greg Craig Live 3 V2A

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