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The Blind Side

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Up'n at 'em! Sean Junior, you clean this room up before you come downstairs, you hear me? Okay, big smile, Tuohy family. Come and get it, y'all. (male voice) Everyone thank your mother for driving to the store and getting this. Come and get it, y'all. (male voice) Everyone thank your mother for driving to the store and getting this. (girl) Thank you Mom. (boy) Thank you Momma. (woman's voice) He's been enrolled in 7 different institutions including a gap of 18 months around the age of 10 when he apparently didn't attend school at all. (older male voice) I tell you, most kids with his background won't come within 200 miles of this place. Class, this is Mike Oher. He's new here, I expect you all to make him feel welcome. (Mike) Hi. Smile at 'em. It lets them know you're their friend. I'm Sean. [music: The Fray - "How to Save A Life"] (mom) Who was that? (Sean) Big Mike. (mom) What is he wearin'? It's below freezing. Do you have any place to stay tonight? Don't you dare lie to me. Come on. (mom) Was this a bad idea? (Sean Sr.) What's the big deal? It's just for one night. It is just for one night, right? I found some time to figure out another bedroom for you. This is mine? Yes sir. I never had one before. What, a room to yourself? A bed. It's all real nice what your doing, but... don't be surprised if you wake up and one day he gone. Michael was here? Las' night. Tell him to sleep with one eye open. You threaten my son, you threaten me. (male voice) Michael's grades have improved enough that he can go out for spring football in March. One-two-three One-two-three This team is your family, Michael. When you look at him, you think of me. Now you have my back. Are you going to protect your family, Michael? Yes ma'am. SJ, you're going to want to get this. Who's the big guy eating with your little brother? That's his big brother. (woman's voice) I think what what you're doing is so great. You're changin' that boys life. No, he's changing my life.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 13, 2010

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