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Podcast na educação

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Hello teachers, I am Eziquiel Menta and I will be talking with you today about the possibility to use the audio resources in education. In the specific the podcasts But what are the podcasts? To understand the concept of podcast we use the blogs which were very popular on the Internet They allow you to publish your documents easily Podcast is this: the ability to create your audio programs and share in the Internet receiving feedback from their listeners. The word podcast was used for the first time in 2004 in a Britanic newspaper, that reported the possibility of providing audio the Internet that can be signed using the technology feed, already available in blogs and websites The word podcast is a combination of two terms: Ipod is a gedget sold by Apple and used to listen to music and watch videos and. .. broadcast is the transmission of audio and video If you think a little, even before 2004 had already webradio and audio available on the Internet These would be examples of podcast? No! Why the term podcast is coupled to the ability to sign programs Be signed as well? Well, let's use the example of a magazine If you like a magazine, you can sign it. What are the advantages of having a signature? The magazine will arrive in your home, even before reaching the bunker and you have the garantie that information throughout the month. Did you know that many sites and blogs can be signed? You've seen pictures on sites like these they indicate that this site, or blog, you can be signed That is, using this technology commented that: the feed, You can receive the news without access to the site Having this address you will need a program known as aggregator. Can be installed on your computer or used in an online service With this service, you can access all the news sites is that signing without a visit one by one If you find the word "aggregator" on the Internet you will find various software and online services that can be used freely. One example is the site Planet:WWW.PLANETA.SITEDAESCOLA.COM it adds hundreds of blogs that discuss technology in education always showing the latest news available at these sites in one place. But what is the relationship of feed with audio available on the Internet? To be a podcast, you must use this technology which enables its listeners download their programs without access to your site Us teachers, are still few people use this technology however, it facilitates, saving time to receive the news sites and blogs and programs in audio podcasts. And here in Brazil, there are many programs on podcast? Doing a quick search on the Internet, using the term podcast you will find different programs that talk about music, culture, technology and even education. You can find podcasts on the site and, with indications of various styles. What types of podcast can be used in education? Basically we have 3 types: the first one in which the teacher write your class and then provides the audio for their students. The second is that the teacher writes a supplementary content and makes available on the Internet, or a third option, record the audio with their students addressing some content of interest. The production of feature in education opens avenues for discussion of copyright, vices of language, orality, the influence of the media in forming opinion public. Now some questions ... I am a teacher, and I do not see much of computer can create a podcast with my students? What do I need? This is very expensive? o create a podcast, you need a computer, a microphone and a software for editing your audio. You do not need advanced knowledge of computers. As a suggestion for software, we have the audacity. Free Software developed by people from around the world and freely distributed by the Internet. It is a free software that can be installed both on Windows and on Linux. With this type of program, you can take in excess silences removing errors in recording, adding sound effects and even placing a litle music in background. Then it is very easy with it, export to MP3 format and distribute on the Internet. After producing your podcast, you need a place to distribute it receive feedback from their listeners, and even allow them to sign We have several options free on the Internet. Such as site and the A good tip to start production of your podcast is search the Internet programs that already exist, not only in education You will be amazed with the amount of audio programs that you see being made by adolescents If you work with students from the initial series, encourages them to make reading of texts and singing tell stories and then listen to the audio with them. If you work with students of elementary school finished series challenge them to make original programs, other than that we are the media. to record their own songs, finding free (alternative) music on the Internet. For teachers of physics, using audio-editing software can be explore concepts of acoustics, such as: size, type of wave, frequency and even build a fm transmitter for your students. Podcast is this, you're asked to produce their own radio programs, encouraging their students to know these technologies Who wins with this is education!

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Posted by: menta on Aug 16, 2009

Vídeo em que o professor Eziquiel Menta faz algumas considerações iniciais sobre o termo podcast e sua utilização na educação.

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