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Why Do Desires Go Unfulfilled After Working Hard? Sadhguru

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Just working hard doesn't do things in the world This is the biggest problem, right from your childhood Your parents taught you,if you study, how should you study, study hard. if you work, how should you work, work hard You do everything hard. If you do things hard things won't happen It will become a donkey's life just doing everything hard. Nobody told you , you must study in joy No body told you you must work and laugh, they told you , you must do it hard They made their life very difficult for themselves.. Now they are ensuring that your life becomes difficult too Why do you work hard? What are you working hard? If its hard give it up, if you can do it joyfully you do it, otherwise don't do it. Isn't it? Isn't it so? If you are going to make yourself miserable in the process of working What use is your work to yourself or to anybody around you. You just sit at the temple gate and beg and eat, its better, somebody will throw you one rupee , two rupee you eat out of it, atleast that you do joyfully sit there happily, eat what people throw at your bowl if you are going to make it so hard for yourself I'm sure you are making it very hard for everybody around you. Isn't it? If you are going to spread misery in the world, its better you don't do anything. If you are going to spread joy in the world go and do as much as you can Now work hard, just because you work hard things need not happen and they do not happen One day it happened.. can I tell you a joke? Shankaran Pillai's old ambassador wouldn't start. Does anybody still own a ambassador? huh all of you walked out of it.. His old ambassador wouldn't start so he went home, he had a kitten at home he brought the kitten, harnessed it to the ambassador he said go...lets go..lets go.. people looked at this and said, are you crazy? can this little kitten pull the ambassador car? generally it takes God to move this car! what are you doing? Shakaranpillai said, don't you fool yourself..I have a horsewhip! you believe you can do everything hard and it will work it will not work just because you do it hard you must do the right thing only then it works isn't it? If you do not do the right thing, it does not work People who are successful, are successufl, not because necessarily they work hard they just know whats the right thing to do with their kind of job. thats why they are successful. Another day Shankaranpillai fell into the septic tank I want you to imagine right uptil here in filth. Please imagine and see He tried to get out desperately, he couldn't then after sometime he started screaming fire fire fire neighbours heard the fire screams called the fire brigade the firemen came and looked everywhere no fire.. then they found him in the septic tank, pulled him out then they asked why were you screaming fire? Then Shankaranpillai retored if I said shit shit would you come? You must do the right thing otherwise it doesn't work. So just working hard will not do, you must do the right thing otherwise it doesn't work

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru why desires go unfulfilled even after working hard. Sadhguru explains that working hard doesn't do things, that it's better to work joyfully. (A02)

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