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B You Sia 2018

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Do you remember what is like to be a teenager? The adolescence phase is characterized by major changes, impacting the cognitive, social and physical development areas. Many times, they can be difficult to manage. When the pressure from outside is too high, problems like aggressive behaviors, depression, confusion, feelings of inadequacy or even drugs abuse. We believe that teenagers need to feel understood, accepted and validated by the significant others. That is why we, the B.You team, consisting of Oana and Sabina, want to build a space where the teenagers could feel free of judgments, free to express their thoughts to explore their strengths, including the subconscious ones, a space where they can practically create themselves. We created an entire personal development program, which contains several modules where we focus on adopting topics named to be of high importance by the teenagers: self-knowing, empathy and assertiveness improvement, conflict management, having better relationships, sexual education, career counselling and better understanding of their own needs. But why we consider all these facts to be important? Because an improved self-awareness leads to more responsible and closer to one's self decisions. On the long run, we believe that this is linked to healthier and better emotionally balanced generations. We all wish to be part of a society where people feel accomplished and harmonized with their peers. If you believe as well in today's youth potential, please support our initiative, support the B.You team! :)

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Posted by: sabinaioanap on Aug 31, 2018

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