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20170114 Destination

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Oh, it looks like we’re going to 123 Main Street. Is that correct? Yes. Do you have a preferred route? Oh, just the best way Okay, no problem. I’ll get you there... With UberPool it’s easy to navigate. Just tell your rider: I’m going to be using Uber’s navigation before you get started. But on any other Uber trip you should always ask: do you have a preferred route? That way the rider knows that you’re taking the route that they like the best and feel the most comfortable going. What if you ask the rider if they have a preferred route, and they say: no, take the best way. In that case, you need to tell the rider the route that you’re taking. I’m going to be taking First Avenue to Main Street. Will that work for you? Now the rider knows, which direction you’re going, and they can be confident in your geography. Or they can correct you. No, please take Second Avenue instead. Sometimes you get a request for your next trip, while your current trip is still ongoing. This feature reduces the time between trips for us. The next rider is told via the app, that you’re finishing your current trip. The second request is sent to you based on the destination of your current rider. You always need to confirm that the address entered is the final destination. You can ask something simple like: will that be your final destination? If a rider tells you that it’s just the first stop, then ask them to put the final destination in the app. You can use Google Maps or Waze, if you need navigation for stops along the way. As long as it’s not an UberPool trip, it’s fine to make as many stops as the rider wants. If the rider says: I’ll give you directions. That’s great because it means that we’re going to go the way that the rider likes best. Plus you won’t get complaints about geography, if your rider is giving you directions, right? We need to be proactive about asking for directions, when necessary. You can politely say something like: I’m sorry to interrupt. What’s the next step?

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20170114 Destination

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