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Why King Kong and Captain Kirk defy the laws of science

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Something that always amuses me, in television, when they depict scientists solving a problem, is that it's solved within five minutes. I think that... oh, it's stunning, and then they have these beautiful computer representations of the solution, like, instantaneously. Science involves a lot of very slow...processing of the ideas, and mistakes, and missteps, and it takes not only one or five minutes, but generally less than the duration of an episode. The film “Rain Man” was actually a real turning point in the awareness of autism. If you look at the..kind of curves that you see about the prevalence of autism there was an apparent increase in prevalence, but of course it's really an increase in awareness. Well, I think science-fiction obviously has lots of ideas that may be seen by the science as "flawed", The scaling law, first understood by Galileo, are not taken account of in many science-fiction movies. Mass goes up, like a cube, and the area is a square. That's the reason why you couldn't really have a King Kong, because King Kong would need to have legs much thicker in its body to support itself. Well, there's a lot of choice for bad science in films and TV I suppose a classic is "One Million Years BC”, where Rachel Welch spends quite a lot of time running away from dinosaurs and other creatures that died out at least 65 million years earlier. Hollywood is full of lots of fakery to do with the sound. My favourite is probably “Star Trek”, and you hear Kirk's voice saying outer space is the final frontier, and it's incredibly reverberant... yeah, space has got no sound in it. I guess the TV people thought: “space is a big place, it'd better be accurate”.

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Posted by: totleigh on Jan 5, 2013

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