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The solution as: Equality in practical application

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Equality - The Solution of Equality This the solution of..equality communicating about the, solution of equality. In practical application, within and as each and every single..individual human being's process.. Who are their process of birthing themselves, as life from the physical. The solution of equality, human beings, is the first stand, as equality, with yourself. This is done, as follows: What have we, as individual human beings.. accepted and allowed..within ourselves.. we have..accepted and allow become..a mind..consciousness system. This mind consciousness system consists of: thoughts feelings and emotions, beliefs perceptions ideas..memories. and of course, much much more. but this is the principle placement design of the mind consciousness system. and, according to the mind consciousness system, we as human beings participate in this world.. in believing ourselves to be this mind consciousness system.. this limited, mind consciousness system. and we have separated ourselves..from ourselves. from the perspective of..the mind, in itself existing separated from who we are. because, the essence of ourselves is generating.. this mind consciousness system placement within and of the human physical body. So, we're even in separation at the starting of ourselves.. and because of that point, of separation of the starting point of ourselves.. in just generating this mind consciousness system placement, and manifest: separation, within this the, ultimate ultimate..extent. Where we..murder, and kill, and rape and abuse each other. When that very you, from the perspective..of equality, and oneness as all as one as equal of life. Human beings the question is..that must be asked, is how..did we get here? How did one as all of humanity together get here, to where we are now on this planet earth? The answer to that question is within. I know, that sounds, obvious. Hear me out. the answer to that question exist as: each and every single human being. Because we have separated ourselves, from this mind consciousness system placement design within ourselves. That's the first point of separation that exist. from there, all other..manifestations experiences and expresssions of separation.. within and of the unified consciousness field: 'sprout' So, what is application. in living application an expression of self within self. First, you have to are this mind consciousness system placement.. stand equal to this mind consciousness system placement. Stand equal to, what we have accepted and allowed within this world, why? Because if we stand separate from this mind consciousness system placement, and.. if we stand separate from what we have accepted and allow to exist within this world, we are..creating it..through polarity, friction of resistance. how does that work? that which resists persists. So if we stand separated from the mind consciousness system placement.. within and as each..within and as ourselves, we're creating a resistance. In that resistance, create..a polarity that polarity conflict, we actually manifest that which we resist and stands separate from. So human beings..the first application and manifestation of equality, as yourself.. is to stand one and equal within you as your mind consciousness system placement. Because at this very moment, you are that. and what happens when you stand.. as equal to and as your mind consciousness system placement? There you have directive power. why? Because you are not standing separate from it, within and as you, you are standing as equal to it. and in that equality standing and statement, within and of you as the mind consciousness system, you're able to direct it 'as you'. and that is where..the amalgamation of you..become the equality of yourself. as who you are of life. because, in that realization: 'alright, at this moment I am a mind system..I am this mind consciousness system' you stand equal as it. then from there, within and as..the mind consciousness system placement, you direct yourself.. (breathe in) in the moment of every breathe, and you ask yourself: 'what will I accept and allow within me and my world, and what I will not accept and allow within me and my world. Of course you will not accept and allow the mind. Because you realize who you are is not the mind. who you really are is not the mind. At the moment what you are is this mind consciousness system placement. but you're in a process, of birthing life from the physical, as a mind consciousness system placement. and that is where..self-honesty, self-will, self-breathing..steps an expression of you. Because it is..from here, from these tools: self-honesty, self-breathing, self-will.. that you birth yourself as life from the physical. this is how the process.. of birthing life from the physical, manifest within out of this world. This is how life is born. Life has never..existed yet. We are in the process of birthing it as ourselves, as who we are, in every moment of every breathe in application. So first human beings, stop the separation within yourself.. by standing equal as your mind consciousness system. and realize, it is from this starting point as you and realization: 'alright, I am my mind consciousness system' but it is not who I really am. I am using these tools, self-honesty, self-breath..and self-will to assist and support me to birth myself as life from the physical. as one as equal and the almalgamation of me as life. Thank you very much. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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