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TB Intro 2015 V5

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Tory Burch was born and raised in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with her three brothers, near the Philadelphia main line. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and majored in art history, graduating in 1988, when she moved to New York to take up a job as one of three employees at the boutique fashion house Zorin. Tory then went on to take jobs at Harper's Bazaar, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Loewe, picking up different skills along the way that positioned her to create her own American sportswear brand focused on global inspirations. In February 2004, Tory opened a store on New York's Elizabeth Street to showcase her brand, which from the beginning was a multi-category business across ready-to-wear and accessories. By the end of the first day, more than 75% of the merchandise

had been sold out. Several months later, Oprah Winfrey featured Tory on her popular talk show saying that the brand was— >> the next big thing in fashion. >> Over the following week, the Tory Burch website received over 8 million visitors. Tory had a potential hit on her hands and now needed to figure out how to capitalize on the opportunity. She did so with a clever mix of direct-to-consumer retail and product merchandising. A few key products stood out in particular. First, a tunic caftan shape based on a vintage find from a Paris flea market, and also the Reva ballerina flat named after her mother, which has become a pillar product for the brand and has sold millions of pairs,. In 2014, Tory Burch celebrated the 10th anniversary of her brand, the launch of her first watch collection with Fossil, and published her first book, "Tory Burch In Color." Tory Burch also opened stores in the Kerry Centre in Shanghai, Via Della Spiga in Milan, and on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. By the end of 2015, Tory Burch will have a presence in more than 50 countries around the world, including a new flagship in Paris followed by a new flagship in the SoHo neighborhood of New York in 2016. Tory Burch also includes a beauty business, an eye wear business, as well as a foundation that assists women entrepreneurs and their families in the United States through small business loans, mentoring, and entrepreneurial education. Tory Burch will also be launching Tory Sport in fall 2015. Market sources now say the Tory Burch business is worth more than $3 billion.

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TB Intro 2015 V5

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