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♪ music playing ♪ >>After you start the trip you'll see the final [APP IMAGES MAY NOT BE CURRENT] destination on your screen. You can then confirm the address with your rider before you start driving. If you need to, you can get turn by turn directions from the app itself by clicking navigate. >>We recommend having Google Maps, or Waze in addition to Uber. >>Google Maps and Waze are free GPS apps for your smartphone. They give real time traffic information and routes that update on current driving conditions. They both color code the routes according to traffic. If the route is red, then you know the traffic is heavy. You can set Google Maps or Waze as your navigation option by selecting your driver options, account, app settings, then navigation. Once you've had Google Maps or Waze set as your navigation, you can hit the navigate button to open the GPS app. Now the GPS app will open on the top of the partner app. On an Android device you will need to click on the Uber partner icon on the screen to return to the partner app. On an IPhone you can click on the blue bar at the top of the screen to return to the partner app. You can even suggest an alternative route by saying something like, "It looks like there is a lot of traffic, but if I take Main Street instead of First, it should save some time. Will that work for you?" That way the rider is involved with the decision, giving them the best possible experience. Make sure you know how to use these GPS apps before the rider is in the car. You don't want to fumble while entering an address or switching between routes when the rider is in the back seat. Try using them in your own neighborhood or when taking personal trips so you are comfortable and confident with the rider. ♪ music playing ♪ [REVIEW] [WE RECOMMEND USING AN ADDITIONAL GPS APP, LIKE GOOGLE OR WAZE.] [KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR GPS BEFORE THE RIDER IS IN YOUR CAR.]

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