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Subtitulaje con Laura Medina

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Thank you Cho Our North Korean Government is releasing to the Media a video footage of our nuclear test, as well has footage of our scientist at work. They will use these clips in American news and we will drive fear into and we will drive fear into the hearts of the world showing that we are capable of very much. So, just be at work at the controls... and action. No, no, no... Cho. Pretend the camera isn't here, just act natural. Cho, do not look at the camera, just, just push the buttons. What are you doing Cho? Cho, you are a scientist, this is what you do, you never push the buttons like that. Sometimes I do. No you don't, I see you work all the time Just, forget the buttons Alright, just walk out of the room and enter like you are a work Hello... No, no... Cut When do you ever say hello when you enter your own empty lot? A veces lo hago No, you do not. Now do it again and do not say anything. No... This is not a funny sitcom entrance Cho, we are releasing this to show how advanced and powerful we are. Ok, now... You quietly consult with Han about work, ok? And action. I'm a scientist... you're a scientist... Science. No, no... That is not how you talk to Han. A veces lo hago. Ok, you know what Cho? Just get out of the shot. And action. Cho... No Ok, Cho stop. Action. Cut... Action. Cho... What is happening now? What are you doing? What are you doing? There was a lion... In the lab? He was going to eat me. Cut. Why is this footage of the scientist release to the Media? He doesn't press the buttons right. You know... You press it, you press it like this. How come he doesn't say hello when he walks into an empty room? Not in my facility. This is not the kind of business I run here. You... And that boring scientist will be shot today. Now... I have to get back to work. Red beans... I like. Oh... Plutonium. I need a lot of this.

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Posted by: abeliox on May 6, 2013

Booby Lee

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