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Hello my friends! -Hello! -Hello! -Hello! How are you? I'm fine thank you! It's nice to see you again! Marta, Susana, Nerea, Carla And Joan So... You know, I'm Joan What are you doing now here? Now... I have to study more Because i've failed three exams And I have to realised these three exams I think that i have to go to English Because i don't know how much I passed the test or not. I don't Know, I don't know. And you Sussana? I know very studying And seeing films. And seeing films... What films? For example... The star is born A beautiful film. Lady Gaga's film? Yes Yes yes... I prefer Moulin Rouge. Why Joan? Because in the movie plays Ewan McGregor and I love Ewan McGregor. I don't know who is Ewan McGregor. —You don't know? —No —Oh my god. He is a nice guy. -Yes?-Yes He has a big, big... big talent for the interpretation. And You don't have... We have to go to a party or not? Tonight? Tonight is the night. Tonight is the night Tonight we have to celebrate my birthday. ♫Happy birthday ♫ Okay Okay. It was in fifth of January. We are bad friends. But for the problem of all the exams and works, we can't celebrated yet. I remember a song by ''Rosa de España'' ♫Europe's living a celebration♫ Nerea, do you have very exams? Yes I have a lot, I have eh... Five exams And maybe one... recuperation? It's recuperation? No no! One exam, or repeat another work. A big work. But... " Inaudible" I want to change the... the theme and... what singers... what singers "is" your "preferite" singers? Ewan McGregor, yes yes... In the movie Moulin Rouge he sings. My singer... em... "preferite"... Favourite, favourite... Favourite is you Marta. And Dani Martin "Inaudible" And Dani Martin, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga... And you love oxygen, water too, come on... You are so typical. I don't mind... I don't listen... songs in English, I don't listen more songs in English, But I love the "Rock Catalan" the rock catalan and the... a little Punk, Yes! Vasc, Euskal... yes yes. I have to pass you... some groups of "Vasc Rock" The other day I... You listen. listen... a group of "Pais Vasc" and... Was nice? Yes And in Forcall is many rocks bands? Mm.. no, but but I like the rock songs too, but like these: Extremoduro, La Fuga... "Inaudible" La fuga changes the singer. The singer is another... is another... "Inaudible" Yes There are, his group Yes, "Rulo y la contrabanda" Joan, do you like the festival "Viñarock"? Uff... Oh yes... I go this year too. What are in this festival? What? How do you feeling this festival, the sensations, the feelings... If I have to say the true... I don't know! Because I don't remember nothing! But yes, Was a good time to see many people that you never see in other ways. I see people with "punk" hairs, you know? With red hairs, with blue hairs... Many colors. "inaudible" Do you go this year? I don't I don't Yes yes you go this year. This year, this year yes! This year I'm going to the festival because the other girls go, and I feel bad because they have very... Emotion and I need to go to the festival We go together And we will go together. I think that Susana and Carla prefer go to a music clasic concerts, you know?. I don't know festivals no... because I think... It's for a bad people no? You don't have... good vibrations or... "Communist people" another aerea I think it's boring But you take 2 or 3 pills and come'on it's fun! "Inaudible" You feel in another dimension. There are a lot of festivals with different music or different types or people and "Inaudible". You would like "Inaudible" Yes, I like music reggeaton Oh... Bad Bunny. "Inaudible" No no... Bad Bunny no. J Balvin? And Don Patricio Don Patricio, I don't know who is Don Patricio. Yes... Lola's "Inaudible" Lola's Indigo Boyfriend. Is the boy who signs ♫♫♫ Nerea, do you like reaggeton? I like all the music They are marriaged? No. "Inaudible" I don't listen reaggeton, but I think that reaggeton is... Sorry my friend. I think that not all the reaggeton is masclist But I don't like the general. "Inaudible" For me that the people now listen reaggeton, More for the rhythm ♫♫♫ that for the lyrics of the songs. Changing or change... I don't know I have an accent from Alabama, you know? Changing the theme, Do you want to be marriaged one day? On the future? Oh my god. I think it's beautiful. I think that the marriages conventional, and I like the ceremony, the party "Inaudible" I like the meeting But I think in a future. Not now not now. If I marriage with a "Inaudible" I think that we will on the party, "Inaudible" But the ceremony in the... In the church. In the church "Inaudible" I think the same because if you want to stay next to one person who you love It's not necessary That you have to marriage him Or "firm" put your signature in some paper and this declare your love. If I marriage one day I'll do it for the papers because, who knows? A russian woman come here "Please Joan" if we marriage I can be Spanish I can pay you thousand "years" Money or euros or dollars" Okay Natasha I love you "Inaudible" Maybe Maybe, I'm a golden "solter" I think the time is relative and you have to do the the marriage or the.. and kids? having kids. When you have the time you find... Do you want children or not? I like the children but I think that I don't have children in the future. I don't like the boy children The girls yes I want a... Yes yes... And I see the past day an article in La Vanguardia It's a good "periodic" that a study from a university of Japan Make a solution of medicament It's like, it's some sexual It's a gel that you put in the Vagina and that extermins the "mascle espermatozous" And only pass the "girls espermatozous" And I'm goint to buy that because "fuck the mascles". Do you know what is a vagina? yes, come'on Yes but I... I have... I think..., sorry I think that this is amazing but i think that if you want to have children you have to to follow, the nature pass. No no! why? "Inaudible" No, it's like you want... The natural selecture. Yeah Fuck Men! I think that, I believe in the, because if a girl, If a lesbian take a marriage and they have the idea of have children. My aunt have a child who is my cousin "Inaudible" He is "In vitro" Okay She is with another woman and we are happy All the people have... "Inaudible" To adopt the child It's like you adopt a dog "pues" a children. This form, I like this form. In a future I like the possibility. you can give a oportunities for a children that don't have this oportunities. Do you think we finish now? Or do you have to go... "Inaudible" We have to meet another time It's a pleasure to make a good conversation with you.

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