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Robocraft: Top 5 Funniest Bugs

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to show you my picks for the Top 5 Funniest bugs in Robocraft For this list, we will be including glitches, but we will not be including exploits since they are part of a different category This list will be focused on showing off all the different types of bugs whether they are new or old All youtube videos will have a link in the description below So without further or do, let’s get started Number 5 we have the forth dimension which gives you a beautiful view of the other side… or at least... or at least for some of us it does Coming in at number 4 is magical Although players have tried really hard to make tracks fly, Bobdabiscuit thought otherwise Hot pick number 3 we have a meeting in one location. Let’s meet there all the time Number 2 we have hot wheels demonstrating their ability to fly at lightning speed And lastly, the ultimate number 1 pick is... Okay. What is that? Looks like we have a future robot design. If only all robots were all cool and blue and CG and stuff Life would be fun Great job to Archonious for capturing this moment Now that you have seen my top 5 picks, Let’s take a look at some honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the top 5, but are still just as awesome I believe I missed the party, but I think everyone is dancing.. Yeah, everyone's dancing Ever wanted to 1v1? Just ask Bob. He will do it for you Lastly, parties over. Seriously, the games over You can like leave now Everyone left, but your still here Nevermind That pretty much wraps it up for today's video Let me know in the comment section down below what was your favorite bug or glitch? Definitely want to thanks Adixox for helping with collecting the videos for this list so click the annotation and check out his channel He has a lot of content and bug compilations that are fun to watch And as a reminder, all YouTube videos used in this video are in the description down below Also don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your Roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Language: English
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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Mar 18, 2016

Are you ready for some funny bugs? Well, here's my 5 picks for some of the most funniest bugs in Robocraft. We will be including glitches, but we will not be including Exploits.

Check out the YouTube channels of those in this video:

adixox12 - #5 4th Dimension/#3 All Spawn on Me/#2 Hot Wheels/Parties Over

BobdaBiscuit - #4 Flying Tracks/1v1 Setup

RTC Archonious - #1 Blue Ball aka Infinite Blinking

Grasshyren - Dancing Desync

Music used: The Grid by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (

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