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Henry Brade - Zeitgeist Finland - Bassoradio interview

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Henry Brade from Zeitgeist Movement. Welcome to studio. Thanks a lot. Presumably "zeitgeist" is German and means "the spirit of the age" but what is the basic idea of The Zeitgeist Movement? What is the spirit of the age? Well, it's interesting because this has changed a bit since Zeitgeist. When the first Zeitgeist movie came out and the movement started forming, the first movie doesn't have much to do with the movement but after Addendum the direction has changed completely. We don't take a stand in conspiracy theories but we present factual information of how the monetary system functions and reason why several social issues are due to the monetary system, the economic system... And we put forth an alternative model, that could be... umm... It could replace the current system and be a development step - the next step in human evolution. Sounds great and wild. But what is wrong? If we think that in any case I have things pretty well in order: I get food every day and warmth - - I have a roof over my head - although we're living here amidst the frost. So, what's the biggest social issue? In Finland we don't have issues in the scale that Zeitgeist Movement represents, e.g. wars, famine, poverty - they are not as strong here in Finland. But even we do have issues that Zeitgiest Movement can represent. Like what? If we take for instance, let's just throw a number, that 80 per cent of people are in a job that they only do in order to pay their rent and bread in the table and in a way they are thus in wage slavery... and then the lucky 20 percent have found a job that they truly like and the money is just an additional bonus, that they'd anyways do the work. So, is this supposed to be a good society? Are you being so radical that you say people are only working for the money? In Finland where work has always been, in a way, an absolute value.. I mean, at least the elderly people tend to think that if you don't work, necessary or not, you are no good... Is this going deep into the Finnish psyche - this kind of work ethic? Yes, that's one thing... well said. Regarding that the Zeitgeist Movement thinks that this kind of values are not necessarily valid anymore. Another meaningful point in this matter is that in politics people often tend to think that there's enough work for everyone. But the fact is - I reckon - that it's strange how our unemployment rate is only around 10 percent. Although this isn't the whole truth. If you look at unemployment in a wider context, it's about 20 percent. My viewpoint is that we have - kind of - invented jobs for people: People are often in jobs that have no meaning... they're not... - their jobs are by no means useful for the society, at all. They have a job just so that they would work and earn money. Is this unemployment only due to industrialization, result of technology? Well, that's a good question, but I think we should take into account what positive effects technological development has brought into this society. It has, in many ways, made our lives easier. If we look at the Finnish industry, it's not necessarily ind... umm... automatisation that has taken all the jobs away, but it could be yet another problem... That it's simply cheaper to produce elsewhere even if the work was still done manually. True. Well, of course this globalisation has caused the fact that companies have outsourced jobs to cheaper countries. It's a... That's a given. But even there it's all the time decreasing... the amount of work people need to do. The reason is merely that it's cheaper than to automate. It's not due to the fact that automation technology wouldn't exist. The reason is that it's cheaper - the low-cost labor in low-cost countries - compared to automating the assembly line altogether. Well, do you feel that people are greedy? People learn to become greedy, because this society encourages it. This is a system where if you wish to survive and succeed you need to exploit others, compete, sell yourself. All this is creating the kind of mentality that you become greedy. Well, are there any alternatives that we could give up using money in society? Well, the alternative the Zeitgeist Movement is proposing is a resource-based economy, with the aim to use the scientific method to solve societal problems... In order to put some sense into this, because right now nothing... Everything is inane. This whole thing revolves around money and self-interest. It's always beneficial to someone that something bad happens. So, you're saying that we would abolish the current banking system and replace it with a new one? The idea of a resource-based economy is that we'd have... this society would function based on resources - - not money but resources. I.e. all the world's resources would be surveyed and examined what we actually have. We'd have a global system - a cybernated system - that manages all these resources. Through that we'd produce all basic needs for everyone. These are the kind of issues that affect essentially everyone, any person. You sneered when I was speaking about politicians. Aren't they interested or isn't it... Can you honestly say that none of them think like this? We'll I'm sure some politicians have this kind of thoughts, but the fact is that the political system is kind of jammed; they operate with certain procedures, doing this kind of... One good analogy is that in politics they - in contemporary politics, in parties - they try to patch holes in a box, as if rolling sticky tape or spreading glue on the holes, or something. What Zeitgeist Movement aims to do is to get rid of the box altogether and replace it with a new thing.

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Posted by: astikain on Mar 22, 2010

Finnish Zeitgeist member Henry Brade being interviewed at a local radio station. Six minutes of pure facts!

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