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- 60% of our patients come outside the area. We get patients from every corner of [indiscernible]. and interstate. From Victoria to Tasmania, to South Australia. As the union grows, it's become exponential, hence the need to have a place for all the specials. - There's going to be a ward dedicated to the care of upper gastrointestinal patients. These are patients who have very complex medical and surgical conditions. The operations they require need a hall of expertise. It's for doctors, for nurses, for dieticians, for pathologists, everyone putting in their care. Having all of that care in one place, in one ward, gives you the best possible outcomes for those patients. - I have been a strong advocate for something like this for a long time. - Dorothy was lucky. Had a very close family around it. There are patients that don't have many family members, and the hospital and the nurses become their family. It's such a critical period. Definitely so important to have a specialized ward, a specialized unit. - Where you actually feel like you're part of it, not just someone that's transient. - This is really exciting. This is a hospital we're making for a long time. With the help of outsiders, we can actually have better results. - Working on a cute base services block that is integrated with the researchers who are going to give us the next treatment. Our ability to help them do their job better by giving the perspective of our patients, that's a pretty good reason to donate to us. - There'll be new technologies, there'll be new chemotherapy treatments, operations will be better, supportive care will be better, and I can see a future where more and more of our patients are cured.

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