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Public Forum: President's Report & Comments

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Internet Technologies - Domain Names World - News Magazine sponsored by Domain.FR and ICANN present Paris, France - June 2008 Public.Forum: President's Report & Comments Monday, 23rd - 8:30 to 10:00 Room" Utrillo Hi, my name is Tina Dam, I'm with ICANN staff and I'm here with reporting from the meeting in Paris. Today we have the welcoming ceremony and the President's report on kicking of the meeting formally here in Paris. Welcome to Paris for ICANN 32. My name is Peter Dengate Thrush and I am the Chairman of the Board of ICANN and we will shortly, later this morning, be having a formal opening ceremony. We are going to begin now with our first order of business and I'd like to call upon the President and CEO of ICANN, Dr. Paul Twomey, to present his report. [audience claps] Thank you Peter, and welcome everybody to this meeting in Paris. To give you some sense of the interest we've had in this meeting, we've had over 1,300 formal online registrations to attend this week Usually we get several hundred more so we're expecting at least 1,500 attendees, which will make this one of ICANN's largest meetings. On the agenda is the operating plan and budget There's a series of things in Policy Development work. I'd just like to report a few things on new CC agreements on internationalized domain names, on new gTLDs obviously, joint project agreement activities. The improvements in IAMA function continue to direct people toward IAMA reporting mechanisms Some specific things on B4, B6, some issues with changes to meetings, translation programs, and compliance activities. [Peter Dengate Thrush speaking French] I mentioned that France would make the most of the opportunity of the EU presidency. Some of that will continue to be national in nature. Most alike your efforts to extend broadband to all French citizens by the year 2012. And to use the internet to modernize public services, to generate an increased share of GDP. Europe and the world will be watching the ministerial conference. On the future of the internet, you are organizing in October in Niece. And we are all looking forward to the report you will be taking to the European Council on November the 22nd. So welcome, Minister. So those of you that are here to take part in these discussions, I welcome you. ICANN wants to hear your thoughts and share your insights. We are gathered here in one of the world's great cities. La Ville lumière. The City of Light. With the important issues being discussed, with the potential to reach out and affect the entire world. Paris for the next week is the center of the internet. Thank you for your attendance and I now welcome Minister Besson and invite him to speak to us. Let me explain that Minister Besson is the Minister of State to the Prime Minister of France. He is responsible for forward planning, assessment of public policies, and development of the digital economy. Minister Besson had a distinguished career in business before entering politics, with an interest in business creation and entrepreneurship. Which is ideal preparation for him to lead his brand new portfolio. So ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Minister Besson. [audience claps] [Eric Besson speaking French] [audience claps] [Eric Besson speaking French] Ladies and gentlemen, Minister Besson and his excellent speech reminded us of the important work that we have to do. And the time has now come for you and for us to begin that work. I invite you now to take your various places now in seminars, working groups, workshops and other things that are such a feature of the ICANN environment. Thank you for coming and sharing this opening ceremony. Good luck with your work. I look forward to catching up with all of you personally in the open forums and the workshops, the galas, the dinners, the arguments, the conversations in the corridors, and all the things that make an ICANN meeting so fantastic. Lets get to work. Thank you. ® All.rights.reserved Your comments and reactions are welcome Vos commentaires et reactions sont les bienvenues [email protected]

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32nd ICANN Meeting
Hôtel Méridien Montparnasse
8:30-9:30 - Room: Utrillo

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