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Triángulos by Laura Givelly

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Hi all Today the concept of the polygon know most studied "The Triangle" which has 3 sides, 3 angles and 3 vertices The vertices are designated by capital letters A, B and C The same capital letters, with a "hat", to name the angle A, B and C are common although the Greek letters α, β The name of each side is expressed with a lowercase a, b and c corresponding to the vertex opposite the side Consider now a cartoon comic Mafalda and Triangles Classes As sides we have: Equilateral Triangle: Is having its three sides equal. Its three angles are also equal and each worth 60 ° Isosceles Triangle: Is having two equal sides. Has two equal angles which are adjacent to the base Scalene Triangle: The three sides having different Here also some symmetry axes for these same triangles By its angles are: Right triangle: is having one of its angles right The hypotenuse is the side opposite the straight The legs are the other two sides and the right angle is represented by a square in the corner Triangle Obstusángulo: is the one with an obtuse angle Acute triangle: is the one with all acute angles The triangles also have notable lines such as: Height: line passing through a vertex and perpendicular to the opposite side Median is each of the straight lines connecting the midpoint of one side to the opposite vertex. Angle Bisector: the line through the vertex of the angle and divides it into two equal parts Properties such as: The sum of the three angles of a triangle is 180 ° The sum of the exterior angles of a triangle is 360 °

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Posted by: laurgiv on Oct 13, 2012

Se dan nociones del triángulo, en relación con su clasificación, líneas notables y algunas propiedades.

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