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Okay, guys. We're going to learn how to do the "business card off the string" trick which is actually a very old trick. but so cool because it's so simple but no one knows how it's done when you finished Let me tell you the way to do this. You're going to use a duplicate business card. Okay? And I'll show you exactly what to do with that in a second. Josh and I will both show you. He learned last night how to do this in 10 minutes. And he was fantastic as you've seen So, what you do is if someone gives you the business card let's say you're out to a business dinner someone gives you the business card you know, oh, here's my card keep it, okay? Prepare it the way that I'm going to tell you. And then, later on, when you're ready to do your trick, and there's a lonely conversation and you want to see some magic and learned on an internet site This is really cool. Hey, does someone have a business card? You know, do you have a business card? Point to the person who gave you the card already get a card from them Okay. And then here's what you're going to do First of all, here's what you're going to do to prepare their card ahead of time You're going to fold it once in half. You're going to fold it in half the other way. And you're going to tear this little corner out of it Just so that it's kind of circular. So when... oops. Hang on. Let me finish tearing that. So when you open this up what you're going to have is the circular hole in the business card like so Just a small one. The smaller, the better. And sometimes, it's a little hard to tear the paper but what you do is you tear one end get it going And then, tear the rest up. When you tear it on an angle See? Just like that. So that you've got a hole that looks like so because you want both holes to look similar Now, you've got this Forget that for now. The person gives you his card. You're going to say, okay Next, I need someone's shoe lace Someone's going to take off his shoe lace or if you want, you can just have it in your pocket and just say, hey look, I've got a shoe lace lay that on the table and say Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to fold this card in half this way, and this way and I'm going to tear and boom, you tear it out so that it looks like this one, okay? Let me see if I can do that. There we go. You tear it a little hole and you've got to duplicate card which looks very, very similar to the other one Try to get it a little smaller I tore out a bit big one there. Okay? Now, this one, in the meantime This one that you've prepared ahead of time this extra duplicate card You've got in what we call finger palm position which is right here The palm is here. The fingers are here. And this is here. You can bend it a little bit keep it tie it like that Keep your hands looking the same natural relaxed Forget you even have it. Don't even worry about it, okay? So here, You've taken this. Even with this in finger palm position you can take this, fold it up, tear out the corner put it in your pocket throw it on the floor or whatever Open that card up. And tell two people let's say, you had entered in their table but right now we've got just Josh Move a little closer right here. And you're going to tell him what he did with his father when you saw that was hold the rope just like so You're going to say I'm going to thread this onto the rope Meanwhile, you've got your duplicate here. You're going to say to them... This is where you're going to start acting. This is such a simple trick that you just feel free to be your self and act it up and make a big deal out of everything, okay? So, Josh, he did it perfectly. You're going to say to them, look the only way that this business card is going to come off the string is by going this way and off or this way and off But for now, we'll leave it in the middle You're going to say something like what Josh did. You're going to say, "Can I borrow a handkerchief? Or you're going to pull one out that you have. And you'll say, You know, this is so amazing to the naked eye If you saw this, you'll probably just blow up. Okay? So, I'm going to cover this over, with the handkerchief. And I'm going to do this before your very eyes. And while you're doing it, I'm going to take the handkerchief off but you're going to do everything underneath the handkerchief, okay? Here's what you're going to do. You've got your extra duplicate in your finger palm position right here. The handkerchief is now over top of the business card. All you do is this. You're going to talk to them ask them if they like magic tricks ask them if they... What was the last magic trick you saw? While you're working, get them talking a little bit. You're going to do this. Tear the business card slowly so no one car hear it take it off fold it up Put it in your other hand. Open up the other one. So that it's ready. Okay? Now, you've got the handkerchief that's over You're all set, right? This is sitting right here. You're going to reach underneath with this hand that has the folded up duplicate Now, you're going to take that right underneath And you're going to slowly say Pretend this is underneath and you just got it off and you're going to go, wait a minute, Wait a minute. I think I've got it. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Give me a little slack. Yes. I got it. And you're going to pull that off. The duplicate is right here underneath the scarf. You're going to go to pull that off and you're going to go, look! It came right off. Everyone at the table is immediately going to jump to that business card They're not going to believe it as you saw. You're going to give it to them. Quietly put this one in your pocket. Get rid of the evidence. They can examine the string. They can examine the business card to their hearts content because it has no tears in it, whatsoever And it's done.

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