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The Eyes of Consciousness

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As long as you can remember yourself, you notice that the eyes that are - the eyes are looking at the world which is changing -outside of you where the senses can grasp it, and outside of you where the senses cannot grasp it, - in the inner sky, but it is still an outside. it is still in the clothes that you are wearing It's in your emotions, and in the experience that you are gaining - and in the way you absorb and digest the life process and everything is changing and everything is -evolving and developing and experiencing -highs and lows- and -peaks and valleys-, and -pleasure and pain the polarities of life - everything is changing but the eyes are not and consciousness that is recognizing what is happening whether it was when you were a teenager finding your self discovering your youth and your hormones and -- puzzled about what is happening then discovering maturity and then discovering being a seeker and being - and consciously experiencing all the different aspects - the eyes that are observing it, the consciousness that is aware of that - didn't grow old. When you go back into your memory of being a child, as far as you can go When you look at this space - that many years back from today you can recognize an interesting - stillness Your mind was that of a child, your body was of a child, -- what you were busy with. an issue of a child But what makes you remember it, is consciousness which is not of a child, and has no age. If you can -- We have along our life - powerful moments where suddenly -- they are imprinted in our memory They entered - deeper than other ordinary moments -- and it's not necessarily moments -- intense emotionally experiencing. It can be something that for some reason imprinted itself in our memory If you go into the milestones of your life, and you take a deep look at them you will notice that - from that moment until today, a lot has changed, but the eyes that are looking at this journey has not changed I'm talking about our eyes but only as a metaphor for -- the seeing capacity of our being, which means consciousness something -- has not changed all along the way, we were totally busy with what we are seeing We were totally occupied with it. We tried to change it - we tried to fight it - we tried to hold it, to possess it we rejected it, then we got obsessed with it, then accepted it - then got confused by it. With whatever we saw -- we were totally busy and many times we were coming to the spiritual path, the spiritual workshop let's say -- What I see is - this needs to be changed, and it's just becoming a week of, or ten days or two weeks of rather than trying to change it while I'm talking and busy with other things, I will try to change it while I am in silence. and you find more energy and more clarity but the profound breakthrough is happening when you realize that this is not where freedom is -- liberation is when you realize that you are the eyes who sees it and that you can liberate your attention from being totally engaged and occupied with what you see into resting --of being the eyes -- the witness

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Posted by: narottam on Aug 29, 2011

Tyohar talks about the eyes, the seeing of our consciousness which never changes.

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