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Interview adriajana

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Round table on the role of the public internet access points in the development of local democracy Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia (FOSIM) established these centres, because, generally, since 2001, the NGO sector and its activities were only focused in Skopje Believing that the citizens should be active in the local strategies outside of the capital, FOSIM decided to establish these centres in order to strengthen the nongovernmental organizations, help them cooperate with the local authorities, the media and the business sector, and to help them become sustainable. By talking to the first donor - the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency they found the development of civil society to be of mutual interest outside the capital and together used their funds knowledge and willingness, and established the first four centres which had significant effects in the local community contributed to a developed nongovernmental sector, cooperation with the local authority and influenced the creation of policies even 2 years after the establishment of the first centers The European Agency for Reconstruction decided to allocate more than a million euros for the remaining 8 centres in other economically underdeveloped areas of Macedonia hence the other 8 centers were established, with the participation of the European Agency for Reconstruction and FOSIM. All of the 12 NGO centres function as operational centres of the FOSIM They were not separate legal entities, but a part of FOSIM The employees of the centres were employees of the Foundation The equipment and premises belonged to FOSIM. However, in time, after the capacities of the centres increased and they became important factors in the local community, FOSIM decided to spin off these centres Hence, they are now independent NGOs, partners of the Foundation in the implementation of its activities And they became not only partners of the Foundation but partners of other donors too, such as the municipality and the local authorities, in the resolution of the problems of the community And this is maybe the greatest effect of all the funds and support that FOSIM and the other donors provided for the development of these centres.

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Posted by: momal on Sep 16, 2009

Interview adriajana

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