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Exercising Leadership Muscles

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Exercising Leadership Muscles Because I was called by God to build Willow and I am paid by the people of Willow to build Willow there should never be any question in anyone's mind where is Bill's head at? If a single person states that my head is not in the game, I am doing something wrong. People have to know my absolute priority, what I dream, pray and fast about, Willow Creek Community Church that is what I am going to stand before God and give an account. Hebrews 13:17 says church leaders are going to give an account someday for how they led their church, the church they were entrusted with. There are times however when there is what I would say a partnership opportunity that is consistent with the values of Willow where my time could help another Christian organization that in some ways helps Willow also. I would go to our elders and say that this is the time requirement it will take, should I do it or not. I would never go on an outside board unless my elders signed off on it. This is a challenge that will sound odd because it will sound as if I am arguing the other side of the point, which I sort of am. Every time a leader gets in a different environment that demands something similar to the environment in which you do lead it is going to make you a better leader. In the day I was on the World Vision board the Willow Creek Association was in 10 countries outside of the USA. So I got on the World Vision board. They are in 105 countries. Many of the things that happened around the board table are just messes in other countries. The country presidents would come in. Here is where we ran a foul with the government. Here is where we made a terrible mistake by not connecting with the right churches. I am just listening to all of this, taking it in. Then when God started to stir in the Willow Creek Association and we started to go from 10 to 20 to 30 to 40 countries God knew this. I got a six year education from World Vision to prepare me to be able to have more of an orientation when we went more internationally. It made me a better leader. I try to go on boards that are consistent with the type of ministry that we want to become and whenever you exercise your leadership muscles in another environment they get stronger and you bring that back to your environment. I encourage my executive team to go on boards. Because they are going to deal with a different set of problems that will make their problem-solving muscles work better and they will come back and that additional muscle power will be applied to the challenges they are facing in their own jobs.

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Country: United States
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Producer: Willow Creek Association
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Posted by: landsm on Nov 4, 2014


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