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Joan Gross

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I'm Joan Gross and I'm a professor of Anthropology at OSU. 1999 Oregon came out as last in hunger, food insecurity with hunger. And it was pretty shocking because, you know, you walk around Oregon and you see this and you see apples piling up under trees and all this, and you think "how can people be hungry". So Nancy Rosenburger and I began doing interviews at the behest of the Benton County Task Force on hunger and food insecurity. A few years after that we began holding some classes, service learning classes, called The Culture of Food, Poverty, and Hunger in which we talked about especially national problems with hunger, and had students volunteer at the Linn-Benton Food Share, and we shared our interview material, and they did interviews too. One of the things that came out, since a lot of students end up interviewing students, is how, how many students are food insecure and end up finishing their months living on Top Ramen. So I think that's when the idea was born that we really should have a food pantry on campus, an emergency food pantry. So when we had a PhD student, Sarah Cunningham, who was interested in these issues, and encouraged her to start a student group. Which then is sponsored by Ten Rivers Food Web to put together the OSU Food Pantry. Its opening hours are tailored to a student's schedule, so that it's at the end of the month, but also and the beginning of the term, before financial aid kicks in. And she's seen a steady rise in customers since it opened a couple months ago.

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Posted by: umarket on Jan 11, 2010

Discusses food security in Oregon.

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