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Proper Lighting

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[MARITIME TRAINING SERVICES INC.] [In case of any conflict between the requirements shown in the movie] [and the company's safety management system (SMS),] [please follow the company's SMS requirements] [PROPER LIGHTING KEEPING ONBOARD HAZARDS VISIBLE] Since we're conditioned to a world filled with artificial light, it's easy to overlook the importance of a well-lit workplace. In this short video, we'll go through some basic tips to ensure your crew follows the best practices for lighting on board a vessel. First, monitor the current level of lighting on board. Keep lighting levels adequate for crew to see and distinguish colors, and to read signs, labels and instructions. If lighting is inadequate, provide other means of illumination so the crew doesn't struggle to see or find the equipment that they need. Maintain lighting so it minimizes glare, shadows and sharp contrasts between areas. When transiting areas of poor visibility due to fog, clouds of dust or steam, increase the level of lighting above the recommended minimum. Ensure proper maintenance of lighting facilities. Report broken or defective lights to the responsible person and repair them as soon as possible. Before leaving an illuminated area, check to make sure that no crew remains before switching off or removing the lights. Ensure unattended openings on the deck are properly closed before shutting out the lights. Arrange, secure or cover temporary light support and leads. This prevents tripping over or walking into any cables, fittings or supports. Properly stow any slack in the leads and keep it clear of any running gear, moving machinery equipment and damaging loads. If leads pass through doorways, keep the doors open. [WHEN THE SHIP IS AT SEA] Do not pass leads through the doors, and watertight bulkheads or firedoor openings when the ship is at sea. Never lower or suspend portable lights by their leads. When portable or temporary lighting is used, ensure equipment is suitable and safe for the intended usage. Providing adequate lighting is one of the easiest ways to avoid accidents, but it's also easy to forget. Following the simple steps in this program will help avoid injuries and ensure safe and reliable operations on board. Let there be light.

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