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Betty Ong's 9/11 call from Flight 11

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9/11 phone call placed by Betty Ong, attendant on Flight 11. Only the first 4 minutes of the approximately 25 minute call were recorded. Betty: in the back, um, the cockpit is not answering, somebody's stabbed in the Business Class- and I, um, think there's Mace - that we can't breathe, I don't know, I thik we're getting hijacked. Operation Center A: What flight are you on? / Betty: Flight 12. OCA: And what seat are you in? OCA: Ma'am, are you there? Betty: Yes. OCA: What.. What.. what seat are you in? OCA: Ma'am, what seat are you in? Betty: Well, we just left Boston, we're up in the air. we're supposed to go to L.A., and the cockpit is not answering their phone. OCA: What seat are you sitting in? what's the number of your seat? Betty:Okay, I'm in a jump seat right now -- OCA: Okay Betty: at 3R OCA: Okay, you're the flight attendent? I'm sorry, did you say you're the flight attendent? Betty: Hello? Betty: You'll have to speak up. I can't hear you. OCA: What is your name? Betty: Okay, my name is Betty Ong. I'm #3 on Flight 11. OCA: Okay. Betty: And the cockpit is not answering their phone, Betty: and there's somebody stabbed in Business Class and we can't breathe in the Business Class. Betty: Somebody's got mace or something... OCA: Can you describe the person that you said, someone is what in the Busines Class? Betty: I'm sitting in the back - somebody's coming back from Business, can you hold on for one second - they're coming back. OCA: Sure. Betty's heard talking to passengers in the distance. Betty: Our #1 got stabbed, our purser got stabbed, um, nobody knows who stabbed who and we can't even get up to Business Class right now, cause nobody can breathe. Beytty: Uh, our #1, is... is ... is stabbed right now. Betty: Our #5, our first passengers - uh, first class (unintelligable), flight attendent and our purser has been stabbed. Betty: and we can't get to the cockpit.. the ..the door won't open... Betty: Hello? OCA: Yeah, I'm taking it down, all the information, we're also, of course, recording. the, um, at this point in time. WOMAN: This is an operation, what flight number are we talking about? OCA: Flight 12. WOMAN: Flight 12, Okay. Betty: No, I'm on Flight 11 right now. Flight 11. OCA: Flight 11. I'm sorry. Betty: Boston to L.A. OCA: Yes. BettY: Our #1 has been stabbed and our #5 has been stabbed... Betty: Can anybody get up to the cockpit? Can anybody get up to the cockpit? Betty: We can't even get up to the cockpit, we don't know who's up there. OCA: Well, if they were shrewd they would keep the door closed and... Betty: I'm sorry? OCA: Would they not maintain sterile cockpit? Betty: I think the guys are up there. They might have gone there. jammed the way up there, or something. Nobody can call the cockpit. We can't even get inside. Brian Kim ([email protected]) Betty: Is anybody still there? OCA: Yes, we're still here. Woman: Okay.. Betty: I'm still on the line as well.. OCA: Okay... Nydia Gonzalez: Hi, who is calling reservations? Is this one of the flight attendents or who, who are you, hun? OCA: She gave her name as Betty Ong. . I'm # 3 on this flight - and we are the first... Nydia Gonzalez: You're the # 3 on this flight? Betty: Yes, and I have... Nydia Gonzalez: And this is flight 11? From where to where? Have you guys called anyone else? Betty: No, somebody's calling medical and we can't get a doc--- ... And then, the plane has hit WTC..... - RIP - Brian Kim -

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Posted by: pound on Dec 17, 2010

Four minute audio of a 25-minute call made by flight attendant Betty Ong from American 11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. The rest of the call was apparently not recorded.

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