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Introduction to Information Security Policy 20, Worker Security ISPOL 20 outlines high level information security and worker security controls that align to the compliance requirements of Intel corporate governing policies and guidelines on Intel worker types. This policy supplements HR and Contingent Workforce corporate requirements to help reasonably assure that information security controls are built into worker activities and requirements. This worker security policy applies to all Intel worker and badge badge types which includes employees and contingent workers. The policy describes legal compliance and policy obligations for Intel workers. Workers with access to Intel facilities, systems, information assets, and resources are required to be fully aware of and comply with their responsibilities with respect to the protection and use of information systems and data of all types and forms. Such responsibilities are defined within corporate policy, including: IT Information Security policies Intel Privacy policies Contingent Workforce Global Policy And Human Resources policies including: Intel Code of Conduct, Electronic Communications Guidelines, And Social Media Guidelines. Policy 20 outlines several key requirements for all Intel-defined worker types at various stages of their employment or engagement with Intel. They must: Adhere to Information Security policy. Successfully complete Intel onboarding requirements Appropriately protect Intel systems, information assets, facilities, and resources based on their role Return all Intel information and property upon separation, termination, or leaving Intel. We’ll discuss leaving Intel later in this video. ISPOL 20 also outlines Manager and Sponsor responsibilities regarding worker security. In conjunction with applicable Human Resources and Contingent Workforce governance, managers and sponsors must: Reasonably assure that workers comply with the requirements of their worker type at Intel. Report discrepancies or inability to comply with governing policies to their immediate manager, Legal, or Human Resources Reasonably assure that workers’ have access to Intel systems and facilities in accordance with information security policy. And ensure workers complete all corporate required training as applicable to their worker type. Information Security Awareness and Training requirements are outlined in ISPOL 20, with the goal of creating a security-aware workforce culture. These requirements are accomplished by IT Information Security, and include three main components: Routine security awareness programs like ethical phishing exercises and document classification behavior improvement. Annual employee training on security principles, addressing Code of Conduct, Security Awareness, Privacy, and other related areas as needed. Contingent Worker required training as determined in accordance with requirements of sponsor, geography and overall Intel requirements Further security training based on specific roles is available and may be required in some cases, particularly for technical positions such as developers and system administrators. When it’s time for someone to leave Intel, the process requirements and responsibilities vary by geographic location and Intel worker classification type. In accordance with applicable Human Resources and Contingent Workforce governance, process requirements for leaving Intel may include, but are not limited to, Managers and Sponsors: Conforming to “Leaving Intel” responsibilities Providing an account of legal requirements, such as a Legal Event Hold Notice or Trade Secret Acknowledgment Form Validating requests relating to accounts and access privileges Validating requests for the return of all Intel confidential information and property in the leaving worker’s possession Contacting HR or Contingent Worker governing bodies in the event of an adverse, tragic, or involuntary leave from Intel Additionally, all forms of Intel classified information related to a worker leaving Intel must be handled in accordance with Human Resources guidelines, Privacy policies, and IT Information Security policies. Information Security Policy 20, Worker Security, assures that information security controls are built into worker activities and requirements. This helps Intel management reasonably assure that our systems and information assets are safeguarded appropriately. This and other updated Information Security Policies, supporting documents, and our improved policy portal should make it easier for you to locate and understand our corporate information security requirements. They can be found on our corporate policy repository, Policy Central. Visit goto/infosecpolicies to learn more or ask questions. Thank you for your help to keep Intel secure!

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